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The Active since last visit search option that I always use to see what's new since I was here last is now broken. The last three or four times I've used it over the past few days, it's shown thousands of posts, when in reality there are no more than 40 that should be showing up (fortunately the subjects of topics that have new posts are bold, so I can easily see what's new and what isn't).

Just wanted to point out that this is something that has recently been broken.

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Me too. I'm seeing it list over 58000 threads, going back 12 years.
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Maybe the anti-spam actions also reset this.
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Just a note that they seem to have fixed the "Active since last visit" function. It's now showing me just the posts that are new since I last visited on the computer, just as it used to.
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And it's broken again.
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WOW... and not only is it now working again, it's actually showing only the posts made since you last visited, regardless of what device you visited from (as opposed to all posts made since you last visited on that device)! A nice change to see!!


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