A long term support version of the controller

  • 13 October 2018
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Can we have a l0ong term support version of the controller for those of us who don't want all the 'New' features and are happy with something that works

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2 replies

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What I see in a lot of "long term support" programs is a version picked to be supported long term and then it is frozen aside from important security fixes. It isn't always a new release, in many cases it is several dot-levels into a major release. The key point for choosing seems to be that it has reached stability and most important bugs are squashed.

For Sonos that would let me pick a version that Sonos has designated as "long term support" and lock it as my version, ignoring new version updates for the length of time Sonos had promised to support it without having the system's functionality reduced or not being able to add or reconfigure new components.

As to security updates to a long term support version, say 9.2.1 is picked, they could be 9.2.1.a .b .c to distinguish them from the normal numeric only updates offered now. This should be a very rare event as long as Sonos waits for stability before designating a release as long term. Mandatory or optional is a Sonos call based on the severity of the security problem.

A big plus that would make a lot of folks happy would be the option to roll back from a new update to the long term support update if they found a major feature was lost or not working in the new update.

Once the Sonos promised long term support period passes the folks on the long term update would have the same options they have now, block updates and have functions quit working or update. If there was a month or so overlap between long term releases it would be convenient.

Long term support updates don't need to be annual or on any real schedule. Better they are decided by the programmers and managers to fit as seamlessly as possible into existing programs. One thing that really helps that is soft end dates, instead of giving a date Sonos says "available until at least x" and then lengthens x by several months if there is no reason to stop the support of the current long term release at the originally set date.

This shouldn't be a big deal for Sonos as far as support effort or extra costs. It would be a big plus to vendors of fancy integrated systems as they could set their customers to long term updates so that they could test and verify before updating them. Also for folks like me, I could have much more easily kept my CR-100s working for a while while searching for an alternative controller for the wife to use and not had her refuse to touch the Sonos gear as she now has.
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Can we have a l0ong term support version of the controller for those of us who don't want all the 'New' features and are happy with something that works

HI there,

Welcome to the community. We can't comment on possible future products or features, but I'd be happy to send along any feedback or suggestions you have. What would you like to see in a long-term desktop app that's different than the mobile app?