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Telephone support is Unacceptable

What happened to the wonderful tech support Sonos USED to have? Third time I've tried to speak with someone with a hold time over 1.5 HOURS!

Better Interface in the Sonos App for input selection between streaming and back to TV

Why can't you make a top level input selection button/option to switch between Bluetooth and TV input, etc...? Its buried under browse option? So very counter intuitive to the point of being stupid...

Playlist sync

Arguably one of the best things sonos has going for it is the fact that it integrates so well with so many different music sources. Still listening to all of these sources can make tracking music you...

Play all Songs from Artist MISSING

Sonos is missing a CRUCIAL feature that really lessens the quality of the Sonos experience. By using the Sonos app on a smart phone, it is not possible to play all songs from an artist without manu...


Is there a way I can manipulate the Sonos app so I can use my headphones -- instead of the speakers?

Feedback: worst tech support

worst tech support

PC Keyboard Media Key integration

Is there any way to get Windows to see the Sonos controller app as a media player so the dedicated media keys on many keyboards can be used? The keyboard shortcuts already available are not as conveni...

Why is SONOS the most frustrating interface ever?

Sometimes SONOS works, most of the time it does not. Songs don't play, denied even when sharing enabled.


I've only noticed this today, but every time I come back to the site it asks me to accept cookies. It seems like it only does this if I'm not logged in, but - as previously reported many, many months...

Pseudo Trueplay tuning during setup?

Just picked myself up this marvelous speaker after returning a previous one and so far it's blowing through all my expectations considering I only picked up one. Call me crazy, but I could almost swe...

Save history of searches

Any chance you can make an improvement by allowing search history to be saved (just like spotify do it). Its very frustrating when you go back into search and you cant select what you searched for pre...

Would like to stream live shows from Relisten.com

I just started to listen to great live shows from over 70 acts on this free app in the Apple App Store. I remember that quite a few years ago I suggested you add the ConcertVault service to Sonos and...

Router replaced and Sonos does not pair-up

Replaced my router with a mesh Orbi64 and I can only play sonos1 when hardwired into it. I unplug to take it to the original room and it wont play. Can anyone help? Thank you

Use last used volume setting for audio source when grouping

Hey Sonos. On grouping rooms, I always wake up my neighbors. They don’t really like that. This is caused by the fact that the Playbar always has a higher volume setting for TV mode, a lower volume for...

Looking for CD player for Sonos?

Thank you everyone for your input so far. Here are a few options I was thinking about. Currently I only use Sync Cloud Storage to backup my files. Theoretically, I could rip all of my music and put it...


There seems to be a problem playing music "from this device" when the device is set to shuffle. Sonos will many times switch from a song before it gets to the end. I get this all of the time on iphone...

Automated Spam filters - Boon or Bane

Ryan sent me a message yesterday clarifying that some recent moderation I had complained about was an aggressive automatic filter at work, and not a moderator action. As I have written to him, I am p...

Preventing new posts to old - dead topics?

Is there any setting in this forum software that would lock dead topics after some period of time? It is frustrating to see new questions posted to years old topics because that is what the forum sear...

Community account glitch

I have a Sonos community account and username already. I have used it to post things before. So one would think I could log into it. However, each time I try to log in, the site automatically redirect...

SONOS Playbase vs 2 PLAY 5s

Last week friday I've got a brand new Playbase to complement my audio setup. I already own a pair of Play5s Gen2 (I love them). I set up below my TV and my pair of Play5s I moved backwards to use them...

Not left the EU yet but no UK on the drop down list!

Anyone else trying to use the discount code for recycling your CR100 and finding the UK does not exist on the mandatory drop down country list?

Is Sonos a great product or what???

I must say..I started out with a Sonos Play 5 2nd Generation and when I heard the sound out of it I bought 2 Play 1s with stands...Today I bought a turntable and the Connect Amp unit..Down the road Im...

New Spam

I suspect these aren't legitimate. https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/91-9660627641-black-magic-specialist-molvi-ji-6798957 https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/fi...

Excellent Customer Support

I recently had a problem with my SONOS Play 5. I contacted SONOS Customer Support by email. They got back to me very quickly and were more than helpful. They were friendly and knowledgeable and they w...

Add LCR for surround sound setup

I would like to request that you guys add support for two more speakers in the "5.1" surround sound setup. As big as the PlayBase is, it's still effectively doing mono output. I would like to be able...


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