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Spam, still? Wake up in the Boston Sonos office

It is 6am PST which means it is 9am Monday on the East Coast. Are there no forum Admins awake over in the Boston Sonos office yet? The spam content this weekend is continuing this morning, with appare...

Change username?

How do I change my username?

growing wearier by the day

iPhone - playback issues of it's library music. A simple question. When are you going to fix this issue! It’s an issue that is not new to Sonos, it’s an issue that’s affecting many people. As an inst...

iPhone - library playback issues. Send a message to Patrick Spence, CEO and President of Sonos

iPhone - library playback issues. Send a message to Patrick Spence, CEO and President of Sonos follow this link to connect directly with someone who might be able to help with this issue. https://ww...

Holiday Spam, Again.

Another holiday season and another time the forum is saturated with Spam. It does show how much manual intervention must be done by the Sonos admin team nut also highlights the appalling Spam protect...

OSX Controller Can't Display All Speakers - Workaround?

Hi folks, this is for sure a 1st world problem but I've finally collected enough Sonos gear over the years that the OSX controller doesn't show all the speakers when I adjust volume. I don't use a mac...

Feature Request: More Spotify Integration

Enhance Spotify integration by including Spotify's 'Made for' playlists - Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly, Release Radar etc. #featurerequest

Connectamp auto switching between music and TV

Have a TV in the kitchen with ceiling mounted speakers in breakfast booth across the the room. Would like to replace a cheap amp driving those speakers with an unused Connectamp. Simple installation...

Utilizing ARC with Bell Fibe Receiver and Beam

Hello! I am the proud new owner of a Beam and Sub. I’m having trouble though hooking up my Beam to utilize HDMI-ARC on my TV (and the extra features) I have a: 1. TV with ARC, 2. Beam and 3. Bell F...

Network Connection

Problem. After going to transfer my account and phone trying to connect to speakers get message..about the connection. Channel on modem is set to automatic and even changed on both to match. Tried wit...

Whats with all the Software Updates???

Sonos puts out more software updates than Microsoft - and they are just speakers !! There is never any detail as to what the update does and all the updates are mandatory or the thing has quote" limit...

Renaming ISSUE

Is anyone else having an issue with renaming speakers after setting a name. I currently have a speaker in my bathroom which I have named it that but now have moved it to my ensuite as it gets more use...

Feature Request - Audio Delay/Sync

Is it possible that you could include some sort of manual audio delay/sync feature for each speaker/groups of speakers via the app? I have Sonos and regularly use airplay to utilize my home theater se...

Sirius On Demand Feature Request

Please fix the application so that the user can fast forward and rewind on demand content. This seems like a basic feature, but it is still unaddressed. It makes listening to Sirius on demand very u...


Is there a way to mute someone on this forum?

Repeating tracks

My playlists usually run to 100+ tracks. I have them in a random order. I'd like to ask why does the Sonos system repeat the same track three or four times even though the track is only added once? Th...

Stop upgrading my product before it becomes junk.

I've had a Sonos for about five years. It worked great for the first two, before the upgrades really started, before the "create an account to use a system you've already paid a lot of money for" BS....

Connect V3 for Input only.

Hi i have read through the topics now and only found a close idea from about 6 years ago. I decided to post my idea as it is a bit different and after this long time the same problems for lot of sono...

Lower volume

Really wish the volume could be turned down lower especially for alarms and low background music

So fed up with this company!

questions to their customer service is always answered with some crappy standard email. Forcing updates on absolutely everything constantly. Why? I want to use an old Mac to serve as the music libra...

Add functionality to the alarm #featurerequest

I enjoy the alarm feature on the app, but I REALLY wish you would add more features to it. For example, the simple ability to choose what days of the week an alarm be set for would be great. (I.E. I d...

Added Functionality

Let devices play to the speaker over Bluetooth directly instead of only through certain apps. E.g. Let my computer see the device and install it as a Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, provide an app...

Mini SUB for around £400

I recently bought a Beam for my living room and a pair of ONES for my kitchen. I’d love to add a bit of bass to both setups but the current SUB at £699 seems both expensive and excessive for both ap...

Feature Requests: memory and auto play

have a huge system and have had for years but have 2 real annoyances. 1- when you lose power or reset your wifi you lose all of your groupings around your house and you lose what was last playing....

Use amp for Dolby atmos

I’m just wondering if it would be possible with future software updates to use a Sonos amp to get a full Sonos Dolby atmos setup? It seems that you can already use the amp in a 5.1 setup to provide th...


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