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Used playbar help

I have a chance to get a great deal on a used playbar on letgo. The guy selling it gave me the serial . He said he upgraded to full surround sound setup that’s why he’s selling . Claims It’s only 6 m...

Vinyl to Sonos system

I have a playbar, sub and 2 x play 1 speakers which is great for tv, streaming and cd’s. I have a separate analogue system for vinyl but would like to play it through my Sonos system. I have been give...

Songs cut off

Been reading about others frustrations with songs cutting off before end. Happening with iPhone close to Sonos and strong Internet. Was chatting with friends the other night and some similar experie...

SoundCloud Like’s list doesn’t go all the way

Scrolling half way through and I have over 100 tracks after that. Would be amazing if the app had a feedback section. ux theam do something!!

Setup Macros and Stored Configurations

I have two Play 5s and a sub that I use for TV sound (right speaker and sub) and music (paired 5s and sub). Each time I change from music stereo to TV, I have to repeat the setup steps. I cannot use t...

Cannot login to Beta Website

edit: Ignore "Beta" in the title of this post. Soon after posting this message I discovered it's not just access to the Beta, it is affecting any attempt to login to www.sonos.com. I have been tryin...

Request for Amazon Music in India

Weighing in on the request for activation of Amazon Music in India. Please, this is important to us.

Disappointed with SONOS ONE and Airplay 2 feature.

I decided to replace the two SONOS PLAY Ones in my surround sound setup that use a Playbar with two Sonos Ones. I wanted the ability to stream directly to the surround sound system using Airplay 2 an...

Receive e-mail notification but no post in topic

Recently I have been receiving mails for topics to which I am subscribed but clicking on the link reveals no new post(s). Eg https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/is-it-possible-to-us...

Add AMP to your profile list of Sonos products

When adding as a new community user, we cannot denote in our user profile that we also have the Amp product. I have two Amps, plus one Beam.

Cancelling an account

How do I cancel an account and create a new one with the same email? Just got divorced.

Music played from iOS device craps out

New to Sonos but understand that playing music off my iPhone 6S is a problem with my Sonos home entertainment system installed in our new house. Music stops and jumps to another song or stops all toge...

It’s been fun but I’m done

So long SONOS! After years of being an overzealous supporter of SONOS and suggesting to friends, making excuses to my family, spending hours weekly on “some new issue” and still purchasing over 40 SO...

I now need to login to my sonos account to change my room settings on my sonos system? why?

Contrary to what some people have said here, an account was not always necessary - and now it appears that unless I give Sonos my personal data the system will be deactivated, and now it appears I can...


Sonos controller should behave like an appliance. Stop updating my controller with forced updates.

Enable the Sonos Amp and Connect:Amp sub outputs for Music!

In my Media Room, I just swapped out my Connect:Amp for an Amp. The most disappointing thing on both setups is that when configured as part of a surround system, the sub output is disabled. While I...

Using Roku for volume on playbar

How to eliminate "not available"message when adjusting volume using Roku

Zone Switching Sucks!

Every time I try to switch zones I have to go through hoops to do what used to just work. Will you PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH THE USER INTERFACE?

Sonos Software and has gotten progressively worse over the last 3 years

As a user

Amazon Music Canada

When will it be available?

Suggestion: Room Selection Presets

What I want, is the ability to create Room Presets under the 'rooms' section of the app. This would mean you could select room x,y and z and save it as a preset, or just rooms x and z under a differen...

Sonos One will not connect to my Synology NAS

I cannot connect my SONOS to my NAS where all my music library is siting. I have tried many options: "Manage Music Library" - > "Music Library Setup" -> "Add new Share" -> Enter static IP address, or...

Mini SUB for around £400

I recently bought a Beam for my living room and a pair of ONES for my kitchen. I’d love to add a bit of bass to both setups but the current SUB at £699 seems both expensive and excessive for both ap...

Songs ending early

I am playing songs from my iTunes library on my phone and the songs are cutting off early.

Sonos & Sony KD55A1

Hi - I have just bought a Sony KD55A1 and also have a Sonos Beam soundbar. Because the screen sits flush with the cabinet, would it be detrimental to sound if I put my beam on the floor? Alternatively...


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