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Excellent Customer Support

I recently had a problem with my SONOS Play 5. I contacted SONOS Customer Support by email. They got back to me very quickly and were more than helpful. They were friendly and knowledgeable and they w...

Add LCR for surround sound setup

I would like to request that you guys add support for two more speakers in the "5.1" surround sound setup. As big as the PlayBase is, it's still effectively doing mono output. I would like to be able...

Customer support

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with sonos after sales support. It is second to none. I split the shroud on my play 5 power cord where it plugs into the back of the speaker. I chatted with the...

Feature Request: Allow Children's only profile for a select device such as a bedroom.

I would like: 1. Designate a device as a type such as a "child's" device where only selectable music can go by the parent. Use case: Child's bedroom 2. Be able to simplify the view in the mobile...

I think we need to talk, it may not be working out, your not the easy going down to earth Speaker you told me. You are very high maintenance and difficult, why after all these years?

I have 13 speakers (14 if you count the five that if you plug in will kill the whole system) inclusive of the playbar, sub & sub - along with speakers in every bathroom and bedroom in this HUGE 1,200...

Hardwiring Sonos:CONNECT takes down network

I'm doing a renovation at the cottage, and added 3 Sonos:CONNECT to drive in-ceiling, porch and wall speakers. Initially I hard wired a PLAY-1 to the back of the router, and that enabled the Sonos net...

Increased Transparency Within Sonos Community

There needs to be greater transparency between Sonos and the community. I can't speak for everyone but below is a list of problems I have with my Sonos system. Feel free to add your own problems below...

Beta website is down

can't login to beta website

System issues

Well, guess what shocker if the century, Sonos doesn’t work again. This is the absolute worst product I have ever owned, if you are thinking about purchasing it run and just throw your money in the t...

Sonos and Ecco don’t play together

The Sonos system as a whole works well together, including its instance of Alexa. That said, the Sonos Alexa does not seem to be able to connect with an Amazon Ecco. It would be nice if they could bet...

Sonos Play 5

Defective speakers anyone??

Support for Calm app

Please add support for the Calm meditation app (calm.com)!

Remember me in login does not work

The Remember me option when logging in the community does not work... Every day I have to log in again.

Spam suggestion

How about only letting new accounts post, say, 3 times in the first 24 hours after the account is opened. That might stop the crazy spam, like all the junk that showed up in the last hour from the sam...

Sonos pulling Facebook ads

I just read today in an Engadget article that Sonos was going to temporarily pull it's Facebook ads in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and is donating that money to digital rights issues....

Sonos App Development

Any Sonos coders/ app developers on this community?

Cortana Global Skill

Cortana isn't just on the Harmon and Kardon invoke speaker. It is also for Windows PC's, XBox's, iOS, and Android and window phones and hopefully Apple tvOS some day, to name a few platforms. Cortan...

Why Can’t I see post replies?

Every time after I log into the community forum, and I select a posting (which shows replies) I can never see the replies to the posted message, I can only see the original posted message. What am a...

Sonos ad oops

Hey Sonos! If you need someone to proof your ads before running them, I'd be happy to swap my time for products! Lol. Unless you really want people to think they will have "endless setup" when they pu...


Sonos karaoke function

SUGGESTION: Automatic mute or pause when recieving an incoming call...?

Hi Guys, I like turning up the volume when i'm home alone, listening to a favorite album or just getting excited over some new music. But I also recieve a lot of phonecalls during the day, which usua...

New Spam

I suspect these aren't legitimate. https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/91-9660627641-black-magic-specialist-molvi-ji-6798957 https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/fi...

How to delete account?

Hi, I stopped using Sonos players some time ago and I do not intend to participate in this forum any longer. How to remove my account from your servers? I can’t find the option. Maybe I’m not looking...

Moderation etiquette

We know that moderation here is random as often as the spam filter is ineffective. Even if it that was not to be the case, is it not a courtesy to notify posters whose posts have been swallowed up by...

Your post is being reviewed.....

What triggers...your post is being reviewed by our moderators and will be posted after that...or something to that affect?


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