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Just did an update 2 weeks ago! Now another and each time i have to add all of my music services and log back in. So inconvenient! Why?

TvOS app please!

My friends at SONOS, can you "please" take your iOS app and port it to run on TvOS? This would be a grand slam for me and others who use Apple TV 4, have it connected to their home entertainment syst...

New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has...

Spotify artist album lineup change

I am very frustrated with the new layout I have on my sonos for Spotify. I use the search by artist all the time to play full albums. I am now finding that the layout has changed to not list the artis...

Spotify in South Africa

When will the Sonos have spotify available in South Africa?

Rechargeable / outdoor speakers

I have invested in sonos over the last couple of years and have been really happy with the products - but i'm disappointed that Sonos haven't produced a rechargeable speaker that can be used Outdoors...


I have sonos app installed on my ipad and android phone, i have 2 alarms, 1 that my weekly work alarm and one a once alarm. On the andriod app there no way of switching off the weekly alarm, you switc...

Add Two audible accounts

I would like to add two different audible accounts to my sonos system (mine and my husband's). Would that be possible?

Ducking all speakers - any progress?

When I added two Sonos Ones to my existing Sonos-filled house last year, I was excited about Alexa integration. However, I disabled the Sonos skill within days because of the "Ducking all speakers" is...


I’ve had all of my Speakers working flawlessly with the Alexa app even though it’s not been available here in Australia I obtained it through the US App Store. Basically I want to know if anyone has a...

BBC iPlayer Radio

Any idea when or if there will be intergration with BBC iPlayer radio app?

Hello Everybody

Hi just got a new Sonos 5 and ONE, and I am so happy! . I lost all my music in a renovation years ago, and never got a chance to replace it. Joined apple music and have been using my mac, iPad, phone...

Sonos system linked to unknown account.

I am trying to add a PLAY 1 to my setup, but it keeps asking me to sign into my account which is displaying an email that I have never seen before and that is not mine. I don't remember ever having t...

Error Adding Music. Sonos was unable to add the music folder / Reason: The computer "XXXXXX" is not responding

I've been a Sonos user almost since it came out and have throughout the years recommended Sonos to my friends, some of whom have bought into the system. Apart from the odd small glitch I've never had...

Songs Skips -

Songs skip before reaching end. I've about had enough of this, and would have thought Sonos could amend this issue by now. Or if they have would have clearly communicated this by now. Yes... I know ho...

Adding a Player or Sub and Logging In

Why do we need to log into our Sonos "account," when adding a player, this is an additional step that slows us down when we either need to add a player, or re-connect a player, plus not all of us in m...

Functionality suggestion - control sonos access / public mode

Hi, It's not unusual that I have a dinner or a gathering at my home, where I have Sonos in every room. The problem is that, whenever I have guests, I usually share with them my wifi credentials, so...

Play music stored on cloud-storage (f.e. DropBox)

I have ripped all my CD's an put them on my dropbox so I can access them any-where any-time. But I can't find how to play them on my sonos.

Why not the SUB

Everything on sale but that beast? I am pretty sure all stores have the same deals but I gotta ask, anyone seen somewhere that has the sonos sub on sale?

Switch back to TV input after listening to music through Playbar

How do I switch back to TV input after listening to music. Currently I,m having to turn the TV off and back on to resume TV input.

Sub disconnecting from Playbar

I've had my Sub for a few weeks and I've noticed that, from time to time, the Sub seems completely disconnected from the Playbar and has no output. Every so often it works fine or pops back in but I'd...

Sonos Stopped Working

Since yesterday none of our devices are able to connect to Sonos. nothing has changed that i am aware of. the sonos is not connecting to wifi i guess. what can i do?

Google Home and Sonos

I know this has been asked in various ways on here but I can't find a satisfactory answer. I have a Google Home, Play 1 and Play 3 and I dearly want them to be able to link together using the Google H...

Feature request: Password protect room settings

Is there a way to password protect the room settings? I use Sonos in a shared space on a shared network and someone constantly fiddles with the EQ and loudness settings. I would love to be able to loc...

SONOS ONE and the availability of using the Alexa AI in Canada

I currently own a play 1, play 3 speaker both of which i love. However I received a SONOS ONE for xmas. Upon setting it up I discovered to my dismay that the voice activated Alexa is not available for...


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