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When will there be a Sonos/ Google Home integration?

If there isn't a plan yet, then lets vote this up. How can I have a smart home without music connected???

TvOS app please!

My friends at SONOS, can you "please" take your iOS app and port it to run on TvOS? This would be a grand slam for me and others who use Apple TV 4, have it connected to their home entertainment syst...

App not optimized for iPhone X

I would like to have a new update fix for iPhone X asap.

neil young archives

sonos please create a channel to play the neil young archives

Sorting a playlist

Please explain to me why, after several years and many updates, I still can't sort a playlist by song title and/or artist. This is such a basic feature of every other music manager I've ever seen. Why...

Sonos / worst software developers ever

Having purchased a multi room set up. Following the instructions... the connectivity issues just never stop. 'Unable to connect' is a better name for sonos. Waste of money. Speakers drop out. Rooms dr...

Last Update

This last update is Trash! It messed up my speakers working properly. Certain shows it don't want to play, I try to watch stuff on my DVR it won't play the sound back! I got over $3000 in Sonos produc...


Just did an update 2 weeks ago! Now another and each time i have to add all of my music services and log back in. So inconvenient! Why?

Rechargeable / outdoor speakers

I have invested in sonos over the last couple of years and have been really happy with the products - but i'm disappointed that Sonos haven't produced a rechargeable speaker that can be used Outdoors...

MLB Audio

When I click on MLB Audio and select a feed, they're all greyed out. I updated Sonos and verifiied that I paid my MLB audio subscription. Any suggestions for what to do next?

YouTube Music streaming

Is there a way to stream music from YouTube thru Sonos?

I want to use YouTube


SONOS Play1 not working with Playbar after software update

Hi, After the most recent Sonos software update (8.1), my home cinema sound stopped working: The Playbar which is connected to the TV works just fine, but when I group it together with a Sonos Play-1...

Playbar and Netflix audio 5.1 no longer working, silent

Diagnostic submitted - 8075585 Netflix 5.1 audio (English 5.1) is not working, occasionally gives a short burst of audio (less than a second) but always goes silent. Switching to regular audio soundtr...

An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)

I can't play all my songs an error says "An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)" How do i fix it?

Controlling Playbar with TV remote

I recently bought an LG 65 inch SJ8000 model TV with a magic remote. I've set up my sonos playbar and I've tried syncing my TV remote several times and it keeps saying that it can't find the remote....

Sonos controller app won't recognize some albums on my iPad.

controller app won't recognize some albums downloaded from iTunes on my iPad. Please advise.

Error 1002

Hi, having error 1002 when trying to play music from iPhone diagnostics ref 7568483 assistance please?

Can I use the SUB in 2 different configurations?

So here's the deal. I have 2 PLAY:5 (Gen 2) and have set it up in my living room in vertical orientation for listening to music, and have also connected the TV to one of the speaker using LINE-IN. The...

How do I verify Playbar receiving 5.1 sound?

I am using a J-Tech HDMI switch that has the Spdif optical output (model #JTD4KAT0301SW). I have the audio output on the switch set to 5.1. Does the Sonos app allow you to verify if it is receiving...

Overdrive #Overdrive app

I am considering returning my Sonos, as I can't play my library audio-books from my Overdrive app (this is a free audio book service via any library in the USA/Canada where you sign out an e-book/audi...

Error Adding Music. Sonos was unable to add the music folder / Reason: The computer "XXXXXX" is not responding

I've been a Sonos user almost since it came out and have throughout the years recommended Sonos to my friends, some of whom have bought into the system. Apart from the odd small glitch I've never had...


I want to had a sub or play ones to my playbar for watching dvds of rock concerts on my tv. which would be the best option, my tv is a Samsung ue43ks7550u in the sound settings (audio format) pcm.or...

Google Home control

Is Sonos working on allowing Google Chrome to control the speakers?


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