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Trueplay and Android

I have nearly $2000 of Sonos equipment. I love Sonos. Now comes Trueplay for tuning my Sonos speakers. What? Only iOS? Does anyone else here have an Android phone? I have used a Yamaha 4000 sound bar...

Alarm timeframe ... pls add a "stepless" for customize time (e.g. 4.5 hours)

Dear Sonos I have an request for the Alarm Duration .. some of the rooms in the house I use the "Alarm" to start up the radio when I know we arrive home, e.g. kitchen. But when doing this I can sel...

How to be a DJ

Dear Sonos, your recent email suggesting "House Party, Family Dance Off, Weekend BBQ etc I find deeply irritating as the one thing Sonos is currently hopeless at and you have systematically mucked up...

Sonos connect amp

I have a sonos connect amp that is wired to my receiver and use it to play my outdoor speakers. I would like to be able to play music on my indoor speakers without it playing outside. Is there an AB...

Move a Play 5 temporarily to a new WiFi Network

I have a home Sonos System with 2 Play 5's and a Play 3. The Play 3 is wired to my router. The controller is on a windows laptop. Our music sources are Spotify and Amazon. I want to enjoy our Play...

Alarm volume setup development

Hi, I was wandering if Sonos considers developing alarm functionality from one volume setup to gradual volume increase over time setup. That would take wake up experience with Sonos to next level I be...

Search for Music quickly with A to Z

Why does Sonos not offer a simple A to Z index at the side of lists, as Apple and others do. If you have a large collection and you want to get to an artist starting with P or worse W it is an awful l...

Computer Upgrade

Firewall/Share Issue Windows 10

Controlling Sonos quickly when iMac is in sleep mode

Hi, i'm playing music , the iMac has gone into sleep mode and i need to quickly change track or put into mute. Currently I need to enter password and bring up Sonos- by which time the phone has stopp...

Settings: Stop Time, I want to sure my Sonos is not playing at a given time (e.g. 23:00)

New feature for the Application/App is a "Stop/End time" where we (endusers) can configure when a Sonos Player (or more players) should be set sound to OFF. Idea is that no matter how or when a Pla...

Addition of password to Sonos

Im hoping that this forum will add a feature to prevent anyone connected to your wifi network from changing your Sonos system. I've seen this posted on a few previous forums and to be honest I'm astou...

Can't Add anything to 'Sonos Favorites'

A few months after I set up my system I lost all my sonos favorites. I can no longer see anything or add any favorites such as radio stations from Tune In. Also I can'nt add to my radio stations or s...

Any updates on when Audible will work again ?

Could they not just do an update like on Spotify to let you stream it from the app ?

Sonos rewinds and repeats often a few seconds of a radio stream

Why does my Sonos when streaming a live radio channel, often, rewind a few seconds and repeat the stream.

New additions not appearing from Apple Music

When I add a new song or artist in Apple Music, it now does not appear in the Sonos controller app. Tried removing and reinstating Apple music, authorizing iTunes, to no avail. Anyone know a reason or...

Password om speakers ?? !!

Idea: Is it possible to introduce a password for specific speakers? I have some players and multiple rooms and would like to have speakers in my bedroom. If I can have a password on this room, I w...

Velop installed.. SONOS drops out

INTRO: I used to use the SONOS mesh setup, with boost and 2 connect's, to extend my network but due to the limited bandwidth and no ability to extend wireless I opted for the Linksys Velop to do this...

Feature Request/Idea: "OK Google" / Siri Integration

How about integrating the Google Voice Interaction API or Apple Siri to control Sonos (Apps)? My favorite handfree scenario: Cooking, both hands occupied, no music. As I have an Android device with...

Connecting other speakers to Sonos Controller

I used to have 9 play:5 speakers connected to my network. However, earlier this week we had a network outage and the wifi had went down. Ever since the outage when it was resolved the controller did n...

Playbar with HDMI?

When will be the Playbar available with a HDMI connection?

Playbar + 2 Play5s vs Playbar + Sub + 2 Play 1s

Hello, Currently I have a setup of a playbar & 2 play 5s Gen 2 as rears. Does this replace the need to have a sub as my current setup doesn't seem to lack bass. Or I'm I better off using the pl...

Spotify/Sonos controls slow to respond

Hi. I've had a play:3 for a couple of years and love it. I now love the fact I can use the Spotify app to play through my Sonos as I have loads of playlists set up. However, I'm encountering a pro...

AppleMusic & Sonos : big problem ?

Using my iPhone with Sonos.app and AppleMusic Service. When adding a song or a playlist from within Sonos.app on the iPhone, the change is not replicated in Music.app nor in my iTunes library. I see...

Imported playlist updating iTunes library

Hi. First time here so please be gentle! I have a number of iTunes playlists built using the "last played" qualifier, e.g. tracks by a certain artists that have not been played in the last 6 months....


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