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Save me from Alexa

I've got an 8500 Sq foot house, entirely powered by Sonos - the only product I don't own is the playbase. My wife recently picked up an Amazon Echo and put it in the kitchen - she loves it and never...

Support for SMB v2 or v3

With all the recent reports and issues with the WannaCry ransomware I wanted to restrict use of SMB v1 on my home network. My NAS blocks this to the outside world but I wanted to secure things interna...

Recently added music

love my SONOS but one tiny added feature would be so much help. just wondering if others feel the same? as well a being a passionate listener, i'm fortunate to have like minded friends all over the...

AAC and Sonos?

I have seen references in the past to AAC not working well with Sonos. Is this still the case or is it a past problem? I'm asking because I'm getting dropouts on Jazzradio URL streams (through TuneIn)...

YouTube music on Sonos Play5

How to play YouTube music on Sonos Play5 from my Mac laptop? I do not use any of the music sources which are listed on the Sonos website. The reason I have picked this wireless speaker over the Bose...

5.1 setup with connect amp - Advice needed

Hello friends I have a connect amp with 2 Bowers & Wilkins M1 speakers and connected to Sony Gracia android Tv. I'm planning to buy a sub and also thinking to add additional speakers to make a tra...

Working with a EERO routers.

Problems with staying connected

Playlists not playing anymore when they are tapped/touched ....

Hi, I recall that when tapping/touching on a playlist in the Favorites section that playlist started to play immediately. But it isn't doing that anymore, instead it scrolls to the right and shows...

New Virgin Remote

I have a playbar with two play one surrounds connected to a Samsung UE46F6400 TV and virgin media TiVo box. Having replaced my old Virgin remote with a new one I am unable to get the new remote to con...

Tell Me What Type Of HDMI Splitter To Purchase..

OK, Help needed again from those with bigger brains than me. Here's my setup: Samsung TV connected to PLAYBASE with TOSLINK Optical Cable. Comcast XFINITY X1 Box Connected HDMI ROKU 4 Connected HDM...

Stuttering/pausing/skipping audio on Ethernet connected Connect

Every night when I go to bed, I play music from my NAS (Western Digital MyCloud) to one of my two Connects. Both are in "Party Mode" with one in another room and connected via WiFi. The other one is h...

Earthnet connection on sonos connect amp not working

Hi, I have recently bought a sonos connect amp and when I plug the earthnet cable in it does not light up. I have tried with different ports on the router and the amp but still can not connect it. Cou...

1st Generation Play:5 Floorstands

Hello, folks. I've moved into a new place and need floorstands for my beloved black, first-generation Play:5s. My local Best Buy was a bust. Then, I ordered the Flexson floorstands from Amazon, but af...

Sonos Connect Power Cable 'type'

I'm looking to buy a power cable with a UK-head for a Sonos Connect that is coming from the USA. Yes, I could go to a store I guess but would like to purchase one online. Could anyone in the kno...

Songs working with tracks in my iTunes library sourced from Apple Music

I have all my music in iTunes which I sync to Sonos. I recently joined Apple Music but none of the music i add to my iTunes library or playlists from Apple Music appears in Sonos when I sync. How can...

surround sound

Just upgraded to Sky Q but cannot get a proper surround sound. Sky is broadcasting in Dolby stereo, so I'm happy to have stereo but need the rear speakers to be "louder"

LG OLED TV and magic wand remote

I have diligently followed the instructions to enable my TV remote to control my playbase surround sound system and it fails every time. Any one out there with a similar experience and more importantl...

CR200 controller

how can i setup so CR200 will work on my current sonos system?

PLAY 1 - Feeling electricity on the grid

Hi guys, Have you ever felt electricity on your PLAY 1 grid ? When I am touching it I feel like a bit of electricity and tiny electric shocks? I have two and only one does it ... Is there a...

Power Supply (adapter) for Boost

I purchased my Boost whilst living in the UK. Now I'm back in the states I cannot find a power adapter with he correct size plug (the coax plug on the Boost). It appears to be proprietary. Has anyone...

cannot get a play 3 to connect an existing sonos system

i have had sonos for aprox 6 years and have recently bought a new play 3 for the bedroom but it will not connect

the connection to Tunein was lost

For the past 2 weeks (end of April 2017) I have not been able to run podcasts through the SONOS app on onto my SONOS speakers. I get the message "the connection to Tunein was lost". The radio statio...

Sonos Connectivity problems

Been away on holiday. Sonos not been used. Now it wont connect. Have gone through wifi , switching everything on and off but still wont connect. A message did come up initially referring to setting up...

Buying used SUB - Can I test it without other speakers?

I'd like to buy a used SUB from someone on Craigslist, but I'm not sure how to check and make sure it's actually working. Any ideas other than a visual inspection? Is there any test mode where I c...


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