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Hi guys When will full Alexa compatibility be available?

Alarm timeframe ... pls add a "stepless" for customize time (e.g. 4.5 hours)

Dear Sonos I have an request for the Alarm Duration .. some of the rooms in the house I use the "Alarm" to start up the radio when I know we arrive home, e.g. kitchen. But when doing this I can sel...

How to be a DJ

Dear Sonos, your recent email suggesting "House Party, Family Dance Off, Weekend BBQ etc I find deeply irritating as the one thing Sonos is currently hopeless at and you have systematically mucked up...

AppleMusic & Sonos : big problem ?

Using my iPhone with Sonos.app and AppleMusic Service. When adding a song or a playlist from within Sonos.app on the iPhone, the change is not replicated in Music.app nor in my iTunes library. I see...

Please show volume percentages

Would be nice to know that if the perfect volume for party was 55% in the living room and 18% in the kitchen and 20% on the patio that we could always hit those exact volumes. As it is now, its just...


SONOS is a great system but I can't believe they has not developed an App to Apple Watch. I would like SONOS listen all people are happy with their products but demand more from them. In this case, an...

Is there something wrong with my Playbar?

Hey, I just bought a Playbar for my living room and a Play1 for my kitchen. I had no problem installing the units and I'm really impressed with the Play1 but my Playbar is a big disappointment....

Sonos connect amp

I have a sonos connect amp that is wired to my receiver and use it to play my outdoor speakers. I would like to be able to play music on my indoor speakers without it playing outside. Is there an AB...

Move a Play 5 temporarily to a new WiFi Network

I have a home Sonos System with 2 Play 5's and a Play 3. The Play 3 is wired to my router. The controller is on a windows laptop. Our music sources are Spotify and Amazon. I want to enjoy our Play...

Computer Upgrade

Firewall/Share Issue Windows 10

Controlling Sonos quickly when iMac is in sleep mode

Hi, i'm playing music , the iMac has gone into sleep mode and i need to quickly change track or put into mute. Currently I need to enter password and bring up Sonos- by which time the phone has stopp...

Sonos, Alexa and Audible

1. Sonos removed Audible because an update caused the service to be incompatible with the Sonos system. 2. Sonos is planning for compatibility with Alexa, the Amazon VI or digital assistant or whate...

Settings: Stop Time, I want to sure my Sonos is not playing at a given time (e.g. 23:00)

New feature for the Application/App is a "Stop/End time" where we (endusers) can configure when a Sonos Player (or more players) should be set sound to OFF. Idea is that no matter how or when a Pla...

Addition of password to Sonos

Im hoping that this forum will add a feature to prevent anyone connected to your wifi network from changing your Sonos system. I've seen this posted on a few previous forums and to be honest I'm astou...

Can't Add anything to 'Sonos Favorites'

A few months after I set up my system I lost all my sonos favorites. I can no longer see anything or add any favorites such as radio stations from Tune In. Also I can'nt add to my radio stations or s...

Any updates on when Audible will work again ?

Could they not just do an update like on Spotify to let you stream it from the app ?

Playing voice memos on Iphone through Sonos Play1

Hey Sonos Staff, I am curious if there is a way to play voice memos straight from my Iphone to the Sonos Play1 I am a musician and it would really be awesome to listen to scratch recordings through...

Sonos rewinds and repeats often a few seconds of a radio stream

Why does my Sonos when streaming a live radio channel, often, rewind a few seconds and repeat the stream.

Request: Roku App

I have my Sonos:Connect connected to my TV, and one thing I would LOVE to be able to do is play music through the TV and use the TV as a controller. Being able to see what is playing, and use my Roku...

New additions not appearing from Apple Music

When I add a new song or artist in Apple Music, it now does not appear in the Sonos controller app. Tried removing and reinstating Apple music, authorizing iTunes, to no avail. Anyone know a reason or...

Password om speakers ?? !!

Idea: Is it possible to introduce a password for specific speakers? I have some players and multiple rooms and would like to have speakers in my bedroom. If I can have a password on this room, I w...

When are Sonos getting out of the dark ages and adding Blue Tooth connectivity to all there models?

Love all my Sonos kit, It pumps the 80 foot charter ship i run and live on(my home) BUT the customers and I are sick of the lack of inbuilt blue tooth connectivity! Sonos feel the FORCE and stop tr...

Velop installed.. SONOS drops out

INTRO: I used to use the SONOS mesh setup, with boost and 2 connect's, to extend my network but due to the limited bandwidth and no ability to extend wireless I opted for the Linksys Velop to do this...

Feature Request/Idea: "OK Google" / Siri Integration

How about integrating the Google Voice Interaction API or Apple Siri to control Sonos (Apps)? My favorite handfree scenario: Cooking, both hands occupied, no music. As I have an Android device with...


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