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If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

customer support?

Has anyone else noticed how bad the customer support has become at SONOS? When I first bought into SONOS years ago, support was fast and well I said then that it was "awesome". Today I have been on h...

Vacation Rental Solutions

Ideals for Vacation Rental Owners who have purchased Sonos for their rental property.

Unable to add Music Services. Authorize Button does not work.

The same scenario happens with all three of the Music Services that I've attempted to add (Amazon Music & Audible & Sound Cloud. I go to "Add Music Services", then select a service. I then click t...

Sonos Internet radio access but nothing else

Tunein and radionomy stations work great, but no Amazon music, no dar.fm, no sirius xm. These worked for a time yesterday then stopped. multiple resets of router and sonos speakers. Analyzed wifi sign...

Playbar line of sight issue

I recently had to reconnect my playbar to my wireless router after having to reset the router. Since then I believe that the playbar isn’t as responsive to my cable universal remote unless I aim it p...

Overflow songs

How to let songs overflow? (Btw i use Spotify)

Sleep timer in IOS app bug

Since some time i have to set the sleep timer twice to make it work. First time i set it, nothing happens. When i set it again, it works. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour recently? I'm using...

Option to DISABLE Airplay or restrict access

Since recent software update and Airplay support seems anyone on same wlan as my sonos can 'takeover' the system from YouTube/iOS devices to play whatever they are listening to, whilst its great that...

Intercom for Sonos

The 3rd party "Intercom for Sonos" App appears to no longer work. Has Sonos disabled this/plans to do it's own soon?

Large Apple Music Playlist Shuffle

I've been a Sonos owner for several years and pretty happy up to now. I've also been using Apple Music for a while but just recently decided to take the plunge and use iCloud with Apple Music, stop b...

Desktop control of Sonos network

I have a Sonos Boost network at work where we don't have a wifi network. I've always controlled the network (adding speakers etc) via my desktop controller. I've just updated my system and the optio...

Playing music on my iPhone

recently downloaded music to my iPhone does not appear in Browse-OnThis Phone in the sonos app

Unable to setup new system on iMAC / MacBook

First off, I am not a luddite. I was just informed that I cannot setup my new Sonos One on my computers, but rather must use a mobile device. Unfortunately, my eyesight makes that quite difficult....

Downgraded Customer Service?

I am a Sonos user for a few years, even it is not officially launched in Hong Kong at that moment, I bought my first SONOS from Amazon US. In the past, the support service was quite good, I can get a...

Regarding the website sonos.com

Hi, How come that Submit a ticket / Ask a Question = https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/ask is not added/listet as a point on the frontpage of https://sonos.custhelp.com/ and on the frontpage of http://ww...

From Sonos, a Father’s Day gift that keeps on playing.

I received this e-mail this morning from Sonos. Whilst I understand why they are doing I should like to point out that my Father passed away in the recent past so this sort of mawkish mail isn't some...

Telephone support is Unacceptable

What happened to the wonderful tech support Sonos USED to have? Third time I've tried to speak with someone with a hold time over 1.5 HOURS!

Automated Spam filters - Boon or Bane

Ryan sent me a message yesterday clarifying that some recent moderation I had complained about was an aggressive automatic filter at work, and not a moderator action. As I have written to him, I am p...

Sonos error- unable to add Spotify account

I am so fed up with my sonos player. I can't play music on my sonos play:1 through the Spotify app despite having a premium account. It will not show up through devices available on Spotify connect o...

Register Your Speakers

My Sonos account says it can’t find any speakers registered to my account. It has locked up my controller on my iPhone and iPad. I only have amps, with hard wired non Sonos speakers. I was using th...

Error 30 on Play 1

I have been intermittently trying to update 1 of my speakers without success. All the rest worked fine but 1 failed and hasn't been available since. I have tried all of the instructions, wireless, unp...

Can’t find Pandora

1308236570 Submitted diagnostic

Connecting a turn table to Sonos?? Help, please

Connecting a turn table to Sonos?? Hi everyone, first time using a forum like this. I have a Sonos system throughout my house and i have recently got a turn table to play some vinyl records. I have co...

Tv sound with connect amp and samsung connect

Hi. I got a new samsung tv with samsung connect. I read in this forum that you need a digital to analogue converter, which I got(think you call it a DAC). So from the tv I connected a optical cable fr...


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