Yamaha MusicCast vinylplayer - connect to Sonos Ark?

Hi! I know that this has been asked a lot of times but i have not found an answer for 2022 🙂

We have a Yamaha MusicCast wireless vinylplayer and im wondering if they (Yamaha) have fixed so you can use Sonos products (in my cast Ark) to stream your music yet? I know that i has been impossible the last 3 years, but still holding out.

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Assuming it’s the Yamaha Multicast 500 with built-in pre-amp, maybe just add a Sonos product with a line-in to the Yamaha’s line-out and solve your ‘wish’ that way…

Sonos products with a line-In:

  • Port/Connect
  • Amp/Connect:Amp
  • Five/Play:5

YAMAHA is not offering much documentation to me, but I thought that you could use AirPlay 2 with this turntable: Play vinyl and stream from your favorite music services - all with one device. Connects wirelessly and no receiver required. 

In any case I don’t expect YAMAHA or SONOS to support interacting with each other because MusicCast and SONOS are overlapping product categories.