Will Sonos Playbase work when chrome casting to TV?

  • 12 September 2019
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I currently own two play 1s and one play 5. I am wanting the ability to watch programs on my TV whilst playing the sound through my Sonos set-up. At the moment, I am having to plug my laptop into the TV using an HDMI cord, and using the line-in feature of the play 5 to achieve this. Although, this is somewhat inconvenient as I much prefer to connect to my TV using chrome cast, which unfortunately means I have to listen to whatever I am watching through the below average TV speakers. I am under the impression that if I purchase a Sonos playbase that I will be able to listen to the the TV audio even while chrome casting, but I would like to double check before making that investment. I have checked the community for answers to this question, but the chrome cast Sonos posts seem to be related more so to the fact that Sonos does not have the ability to directly chrome cast to their devices. To be clear, I am not looking to chrome cast audio directly to the Sonos system, I am wanting to chrome cast to the TV.

TLDR: Will the Sonos playbase play audio when chrome casting videos to the TV?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice,


2 replies

The PLAYBASE doesn't know what is connected to the TV, it just receives the signal that your TV sends to it over the one way optical connection.

As long as the device is sending a Dolby Digital signal, or a stereo signal to the TV, and not a Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, or Dolby Atmos signal to the TV, most TVs will pass it directly through to the optical output. Not all TVs have that direct passthrough, it tends to depend on the age of the TV set.
Ok great, thanks for the help!