Why do sonos apps/speakers call home so much?

  • 10 November 2018
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The Top Blocked Domains on my LAN through my pi-hole with over 500% Hits more than next culprit.

Is this the information they use to decide which features should be removed from the Desktop Apps??

After some further research it was found that the App on my Android device was by FAR the largest culprit. Looks like the Desktop Apps and all the speakers are chatty as well.

I have DISABLED metrics in the controller. My Sonos system is operating fine on 8.4. No effects with msmetrics.ws.sonos.com Pi-holed.

I'd be interested to wireshark it but I'm sure it is all encrypted.

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1 reply

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Edit: Don't forget to look at IP v6 stuff now that sonos is using it.

I'm running a pair of pi-holes myself and seeing far fewer queries than you are, possibly because the Sonos gear tries multiple reconnect attempts when one fails?

I've had good luck spoofing devices that attempt to call home, not letting them off my network but feeding them something to keep them happy and from going into disconnected-panic mode.

Remapping the Sonos NTP servers to a local NTP server worked well, did the same for most devices with no problems. Just allowing DNS made other devices happy while still discarding packets sent at the firewall.

You won't break anything by fooling with spoofing so give it a shot.

Packet capture can tell you a lot but it can be a time eater too so I save it for stuff that doesn't go away easily.