Whole home ZP 90 system no longer working after update

  • 12 July 2020
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Hi all,

Did the whole S2 update last night for my whole home ZP 90 system.  Now music will play for only a few minutes then I will get a notification on the app that I am unable to connect to the system.


8 replies

ZP90 doesn't support S2. 

So if I go back to S1 controller, should be good?

If you’ve really got ZP90s they can’t have upgraded to S2. Unless you have some ‘modern’ devices and have split the system the S2 controller therefore has no place. Delete it. If necessary reinstall the S1 controller and tell it to connect to an existing system.

You're right.  Just my receipt from says ZP90.  The units are Connect S15s.  Neither S1 nor S2 controllers are connecting after the update pushed through to the units. 

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We really need to know what device(s) you have, what they are running, and what platform your controller is on. If on iOS you can use my app (see profile) for the first two, it will find all the Sonos devices on your network.

The units are Connect S15s. 

Those should support S2. Assuming they updated to S2 you may have a simple IP conflict. 

Reboot everything on the network. For the Sonos units power off, wait 15+ secs, then power on again. 

If the S2 app won’t connect, reset it (Settings/App Preferences/Reset App) then restart it and connect it to the existing system.

Thanks.  We have five Sonos Connect s15 and our controllers are on iOS and on an Android.

Thanks, ratty.  Several reboots of the system and of the wifi seems to have worked and actually brought one Connect back online that even Sonos thought was a goner.