What Sonos Sub (Gen) do I have?

  • 9 October 2021
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I have a Sub that - from the beginning of the serial number - was manufactured in February 2014. The packaging and cosmetics of the Sub match those of a Gen 1, but when I check my system details online, it says it’s Gen 2.

I double checked with an online Sonos rep and they confirmed the same thing. Even though the product image on my ‘System” page doesn’t match the actual Sub I have.

Did Sonos release the Gen 2 in the beginning of 2014 WITHOUT changing the cosmetic design?

My Sub with the packaging

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6 replies

To my knowledge, there’s been zero externally visible differences between all three “generations”.

Not sure they make the white version any more, but I’ve not really looked, either.

And, perhaps more importantly, I don’t think it matters a whit, since they all work with S2.

There is one snag if you are bonding two SUB’s to a home theater system, one SUB must be Gen 3.

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It’s interesting that the Sonos rep and your System indicates that it is a Gen 2 even though it has a 2014 manufacture date. If I had to guess by the packaging and 2014 date, I would have said it was a Gen 1. According to Sonos, the Gen 1 was first sold in 2012 and the Gen 2 wasn’t released until 2016.


@Airgetlam The Join button on the Sub Gen 3 is pretty different compared to the previous two generations:


It's a Gen 1. 

On Gen 2 the port frame is black. 

Thanks for all your help 👍