Using Zonebridge BR100 to extend range

  • 9 November 2019
  • 3 replies

Have a BR100, realise they are probably out of support now, want to use it to extend range, so want to use it wirelessly. Have A Play 1 connected to router for normal use. When I go and set it up and say I want to use it to extend range, it asks me to temporarily connect a lan cable, that works fine & set’s it up & can see it in ‘my system’ but as soon as I remove the lan cable it disappears. 


Would a boost be able to achieve this in same way, i.e. set it up wirelessly to extend the range?



3 replies

BR100 is still supported, BOOST is more effective.

Note that you cannot use BR100 or BOOST in a totally wireless system. If you are having coverage issues you can add a second, wireless, BRIDGE or BOOST. Place the second unit about midway between the wired unit and the remote area. If PLAY:1 is extremely distant, you can use a string of wireless BRIDGE/BOOST’s to support the remote unit.


Thanks for this, I will get a boost, ZB is very old, but still odd why it will work when wired, but not wirelessly. I have a Play 1 connected to router & that runs all my Sonos kit fine, two Play 5s, Beam & surround. Trying to add the ZB to extend to a Play 1 some distance away, but will not connect once I take it off wired (which the App says I must do temporarily to set it up). Have reset router once I uncabled it to ensure it’s not stuck in the lan side!


The Bridge should work as a wireless mesh extender, though as noted it’s ancient tech and inferior to Boost. Has it been updated to the latest firmware?