Using Sonos without Internet

  • 29 June 2020
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I am trying to help a friend out with speakers for their outdoor wedding.  I have multiple Sonos Play5 speakers.  Is there a way to use them without an internet connection?  I know I can plug a phone or mp3 player directly into one speaker, but is there a way to have that speakers "talk" to a second speaker without internet?

4 replies

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Hi @sacannizzaro, Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community. Thanks for bringing this up and we totally understand where you're coming from. Regarding your concern about having your Play 5’s working without the Internet and grouping it together, that will not be possible, Also, you’re correct that it will work with a line-in connection. We'll make sure that we'll pass this on to our engineering team as a feature request for your concern. Rest assured that we'll try our best to improve your experience with our Sonos products.

If there's any other issue you're having, feel free to reach out.

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Try searching on the site for Hotspot. There is some discussion about using a mobile phone as a wi-fi hotspot to use with Sonos. But also other comments that a different device would then need to be used as the Sonos controller. Might be worth experimenting with !

Don’t confuse “Internet” with “network”. A local network is always required. An Internet connection is required for initial system setup and to use an online service, such as Spotify or Internet Radio. You’ll need wireless coverage for speakers in the outside area. If this area is near a home, you might be able to extend the home’s wireless coverage to include the SONOS speakers. If this area is out in the woods, a travel router will help, but it will not give access to online services.

Describe the proposed wedding environment and the SONOS components that you will be using. What is your source of music?

In any case be sure to thoroughly test the system before the wedding. Another point to consider is that wireless energy is absorbed by water. Water reduces signal strength. While I don’t think that you would attempt to hold the wedding during a major rain storm, humans are mostly bags of water and large, moving gatherings of water bags might impact performance during the event.

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The general consensus here is to not use Sonos gear for weddings. Lots of warm bodies block the signal and its a very important day that you don’t want messed up with technical issues.

Best of luck.