Using Sonos on older devices

  • 30 July 2020
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I have three iOS devices that I use (or used to use) the Sonos app on.

An old iPad running 10.3.4 (highest it’ll go to)

An iPhone 6s running 12.4.7

and an iPhone 5 running 10.3.4 (highest it’ll go to)

All were quite happily working the speakers, the iPad was running a beta version and although it said the iOS was no longer supported and I should upgrade, it worked fine.

I made the mistake of upgrading to Sonos S2 on the iPhone, assumed it was just a new version as before but it’s rendered the iPad and iPhone 5 unusable.  Downloaded the latest version the older devices supported but they now say they’re incompatible and I need to put a later iOS on there (which of course I can’t do).

I saw something about downgrading to Sonos S1 but after installing S1 on the iPhone 5 (last compatible version) it says it can’t be used and exits.

What are the options?

Am I stuck with only being able to control it with the iPhone 6s until Sonos decides I can’t use that either?

Buying new iDevices just to control Sonos isn’t justifiable.



2 replies

You can migrate your speakers to operate in an S1 system if you already have an S1 system with a speaker/device present.   It sounds like that won’t work for you.  

As far as the OSs that Sonos supports, they generally drop support for an OS version when Apple/Google/MS do.  

Thanks Danny

It seems a shame for them to drop support just for the sake of it.

I can understand that maybe no new updates or support but if everything’s working ok then not sure why they can’t just leave it working as it was rather than force the app to exit.