Used Sonos app on iPhone set to 100% - damaged speakers?

  • 23 October 2018
  • 1 reply

Hi! As the title says, I started playing by accident my Plex music stream on the Sonos app on the iPhone with the volume set at 100%. It was really very, very loud when the music started playing, and it was bass-heavy music too. I immediately toned it down, of course, but I am now concerned I might have damaged my speakers (two groups with 2x play:5). What you think? I of course test-listened and one pair of play:5 now sounds leaner than the other, but this might of course be imagination.

Anyway, as a lesson, I now set the maximum room volume to 50%. Should have done that before, but too late now.

1 reply

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Difficult to say remotely but I would be surprised if they are damaged because of this.


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