UK Play:1 in New Zealand

Hi, I am moving to New Zealand and I'd like to bring my Play:1 with me. Does anyone know if it will work over there with a plug adapter or if I need to buy a new cable? Any idea where I can buy an NZ cable from if I need one?

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They're designed to work anywhere in the world, so an adaptor would work. You might look under accessories on the sales portion of this website to see if they sell specific cables that have an appropriate style plug. If you're particularly worried, you could potentially cut your current cable and attach your own plug from the equivalent of a Home Depot/Lowes/hardware store there.
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I live in New Zealand and have a number of Sonos speakers plus a couple of Play:1 units.

The power supply in NZ is 240 volts and my Play:1 are rated for between 100 to 240 volts, so I'm guessing your Play:1 are the same.

And, yes you may need to fit a new plug available from most hardware stores, etc.


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