TV’s that have eARC capabilities for dolby atmos

  • 15 September 2021
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Is their a recommendation for a TV brand/model that has eARC capabilities that is reliable for receiving a Dolby atmos signal? Realize this is a loaded question but any recommendation on a good performer (s) would be helpful. Preferably, a TV that is “tried and true.” Thanks  

3 replies

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I don’t have a specific TV model to recommend, but I would recommend avoiding Samsung TVs. Many Samsung users have experienced eARC problems with the Sonos Arc.

Since I won’t purchase a new tv until we’ll into 2022 and thinking about the Samsung Frame, is this just a software issue or what’s the deal?  

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Any TV a year or two old should have eARC support. Whether it works properly remains somewhat of a crapshoot though, Samsung Frames have traditionally been a problem area. At some point I guess Samsung will figure it all out. LG seem to be doing a better job in the compatibility department these days. Avoid Philips.