Turntable sound has disappeared

Hi Peeps,

I have two Play5 speakers, which I have connected to a Turntable, and they had been working perfectly, up until yesterday!

I bought a Playbar yesterday, and added it to my home setup. I followed the instructions on the Sonos app, and the playbar is now connected to the television, and I added the Play5s to the same 'Room' as the playbar to set up as souround sound, which works perfectly. However, now my turntable doesn't produce any sound through my speakers?


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I’m afraid that this is one of those things that are an unpleasent surprise - when set up as surrounds, the line in function gets disabled...
Bummer! Any way around it? Or do I simply need to keep the Playbar and the Play5s separate?
Althpugh it wpuld be more expense, i would consider getting a pair of Play:1s for surrounds, and keep the 5s separate.

Another possibility, although I have never tried it, would be to use an ADC and an optical switch to connect the turntable to the Playbar.
Thanks John, I'll give the ADC a try!


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