Syncing Sonos Move to Sonos One

  • 14 January 2021
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I´m having trouble with my Sonos move and want to sync it with Sonos one (that I can now use)

Both come up on the app, but when I press the Sync button is comes up as ´you have to have 2 compatable Sonos products to sync´   and thats it.

Can you help please?




3 replies

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Hi @Lilja 

By sync I assume you mean group. To group a Sonos to another Sonos go to

System > Select the Sonos that is Active (playing) > Tap the Square with the Up Arrow (in the upper right corner of the active speaker) > Select your Move > Click Done.

Note: The process is the same if the Move is the active speaker and you are wanting to bring in the Sonos One 

Your Move must be in Wi-Fi mode and connected to your network. Let us know how things sort out.


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Are you trying to create a stereo pair or group them together - these are two different things? To create a stereo pair, you need to have two identical devices. To group them together, please select the play controls for the music playing and then select the small up arrow in a box to the right of the screen. You then have the option to select both your Move and your Sonos One - this will then output the same audio to both devices.

Thank you very much @AjTrek1 and @UKMedia .

You were right, I meant grouping them together and thanks to you I now have and am very happy :)

Have a great day!