Symfonisk on hotspot in airplane hangar?

  • 9 September 2019
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I am considering added a sonos system to an airplane hangar that only has power and no hard wired internet connection. After a bit of research it seems I can do it with a Travel router with the speakers attached to the router with an ethernet cable. However, I have no experience doing this and have a few questions and concerns.

I dont have an unlimited plan but think it still should be OK since I am not there more than one day a week anyhow. If the speakers are attached to the wireless network on the travel router and I am streaming music, will I be double charged for data.. Ie both router and streaming music are eating data at the same time?

Does the Symfonisk need to be attached to the travel router with the cable and if I have 2 speakers do I need 2 cables? Or can it all be wireless?

Internet will be via a Verizon Hotspot and I will control it with my phone or a laptop.

Airplane hangar is about 1400 sq feet which is why I am looking at the sonos system versus using a few linked Bluetooth speakers. However, bluetooth is essentially free and easy to set up so may go that route if anyone has suggestions of a good set of speakers I can pair for stereo.

Also considering getting the Symfonisk speakers anyhow for the home as a first intro to Sonos and then wont have the hot spot issues... Or should it all not work out in the hangar, I can always install them in the house.

Open to any and all suggestions.

3 replies

Why not go for the new Sonos 'Move' instead and simply use it on its Bluetooth connection one day a week at the Hangar and then take it home and use it on your WiFi there. You could place that speaker right next to where you are working aswell, even if you move around the Hangar.

Plus the rest of week you will have use of the speaker at your Home.

If you download your music/playlists to your mobile over WiFi at home, you could choose to save on your data plan too, but there’s nothing to stop you streaming music if you prefer that, as long as the cellular connection is available.
Hello Ken,

Thanks for the reply. I looked at the Move, but the cost was a bit high and I want a stereo pair. The Ikea Shelf speakers and the router will give me a stereo pair for about $250. Just a bit worried about figuring out how to set it up on the router as well as how reliable it will be with the wifi only being on when I am there. Also I will be there more than just the day in reality so may as well set up something more permanent. If I could get a hard internet connection at the hangar that would be best but sadly not possible.
Well when the Wife and I travel around the our Motorhome, I use a Huawei E5776 as a router connected to a 3G/4G cellular network and that works okay for us most of the time, albeit we only take with us the one Play:1 speaker and and an iPhone acts as the Sonos controller. There is no Ethernet port on that MiFi device, so the Play:1 is setup following a factory reset on the MiFi wireless signal using the Sonos controller downloaded to the iPhone.

Anyhow it does work okay, particularly in areas with a decent cellular signal for streaming purposes. It will easily work too if the music is stored locally on a connected NAS box or an android mobile device.

With symfonisk speakers, you can also use Apple Airplay over the WiFi signal from iOS devices to play play music/audio stored on the device or via the numerous AirPlay available Apps.

Hope that helps you with your decision.