Switch back to TV input after listening to music through Playbar

How do I switch back to TV input after listening to music. Currently I,m having to turn the TV off and back on to resume TV input.

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You're depending on auto-play to do the switching for you. In the Controller app, open up the "room" that has the TV in it, click on browse, and select TV. That should switch the input for you without having to turn off and on the TV.
Many thanks but know I’m feeling really thick! Using iPhone and iPad app. Clicked on the room but can see no browse button to switch the input?
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The 9nly way is yo turn the TV off and on again. It won’t switch back in the app.
Unless the previous reply means switch off autoplay?
Thanks all sorted now
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adsman wrote:

Thanks all sorted now

Could you post how please to help others.
What works for me is
1. Tap Rooms button on the tab bar to bring up Rooms screen.
2. If the Playbar 'room' is not already the highlighted room, tap the Playbar room to highlight it.
3. Tap Browse on the tab bar then tap 'TV'


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