Sony A80J not passing Atmos via inbuilt app?

So the sonos sounds really good but I'm having one problem. I can't get Atmos to come through from the Sony A80J.

I seem to be only getting DD+ 5.1 which sounds great but obviously I really want to be getting Atmos.

I'm streaming direct from Disney + via the in built app. I've got eARC switched to Auto along with pass through.

I definitely got atmos with my previous LG SP9Ya with the same tv so I'm not sure what the issue is?

I've unplugged the tv for a few minutes and plugged it back in to force a eARC handshake but still nothing...

Checked for sonos updates and that's all good.

I'm using the provided Sonos HDMI cable.

Running out of ideas.

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There have been some recent issues with Disney+ on some devices, perhaps it’s related to the issue you’re seeing:

Some more info here;

It seems Disney + may be the culprit. There are articles out there that say a recent update has caused issues with Atmos on Android TVs.

Confirmed the issue is definitely the Disney + app. 


I got a copy of the latest Batman and got Atmos straight away. 


That's a relief.