Sonos Trade Up tick box missing. How do I upgrade?

  • 20 June 2020
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Hi There. When I log ion to my account it shows that I have two components eligible for the upgrade discount. However (since upgrading to S2) the tick box has disappeared so I cannot select it.
I have tried removing and reattaching my Connect but there is no difference.

Am I dong something wrong?

9 replies

@flinty, The eligible products must be powered on; afterwards it may take a few hours for them to show up within the tab ‘Trade up’. Are you the original owner?

Yes, I bought them from new. The Connect disconnected when I upgraded to S2. I reconnected it about an hour ago so will wait a while.

OK. It’s been on half a day now. Sill no check box. Is there anything else I can do?

Are you sure that the Connect is qualified for an upgrade? What does the label at the bottom say, what are the first digits of the serial number?

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Might be time to call Sonos support, they should have showed up by now.

It did before I upgraded the rest of my system to S2. I’s a gen 1 connect so should qualify. It tells me in ‘my system’ that it needs to be on an S1 system. Everything else I have connects to the S2.

Perhaps there’s a bug emerging with systems being split into S1/S2. Sonos staff are reading the forum and they will take a deeper look into the issue.

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Hello @flinty,

Do you still have the S1 app on your phone? I wonder if you can access this option by connecting to these through S1, you may need to temporarily un-power your S2 system to do this. 

If that is not a practical option then reach out to us by phone so that we can help resolve this with you.

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Hi, was this resolved? I have a gen 1 Play 5 but no tick box for trade up


Thanks, Kristian