Sonos Roam SL - Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Devices

  • 23 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Hi Community,

New to Sonos. I apologize if this is noob question. I have Roam SL paired with 2 devices, (PC and Android). When I use with PC, I must Disconnect before using with Android. When using with Android, I must Disconnect before using with PC. Is this by design?

I have Bose headset which I can pause one device and listen on the other without Disconnecting and Reconnecting. (Both devices remain connected)

Any insight would be appreciated!


2 replies

Yes, I think this is currently by design’. The Roam remembers its pairings. I find when switching between them (once paired/connected) you need to disconnect the playing device to switchover to another one, but then you can connect to any previously paired (but disconnected) device by ‘connecting’ to it again. If that makes sense🤔? 

On a slightly separate note, I love the fact, with the latest Sonos update v14.16 (build 69.1-33120) that a user can now send BT audio to ‘stereo paired’ Roams, when in range of their WiFi signal - that’s a nice new feature.

Thanks for the response and info Ken. Thought I might be missing something. Appreciate the confirmation. Looks like I may need to get a 2nd Roam for Stereo mode. ;-).

Have a great weekend!