Sonos Radio and iHeartRadio not working

  • 12 January 2021
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I am having issues connecting to iHeartRadio and Sonos radio.. When I try and connect to either I get a message that says “Sonos (or iHeartRadio) needs to be re-authorized. I “re-authorize” the account and I try and connect again and it does the same thing ALL over again…     It worked when I originally set the system up about 6 weeks ago. Now it’s stopped. I have reset the speaker. Deleted and re-installed the app. Reset the modem. Updated both the Sonos app and the Sonos speaker. (Both were up to date) Still the same issue……  Customer support is lacking/disinterested.  Hoping maybe someone has an idea…  This thing is beginning to be more trouble than it’s worth...

2 replies

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Hi @antny024

Thanks for reaching out to the Sonos community and for letting us know about your concern. We appreciate all your effort in resolving the issue.

Upon further research on our end shows that this was an issue in the past and has been already corrected by our engineers. The issue is now currently closed and has been resolved (which is not yet on your end).

Let me suggest the basic troubleshooting steps that you can do to address this.

  • Sequential reboot to refresh your network and all your Sonos devices connection.
    • Unplug your network devices (modem, router, any wireless access points on the network) from the power and wait for 60 full seconds before you plug it back in.
    • Once the router is back online, unplug all your Sonos devices from the power.
    • Please wait 15 seconds before you plug back them back in.
    • Force close the Sonos app from your iOS or Android device.
    • When the status light on your Sonos speakers are solid white, get back on the Sonos app and check if you're connected.


If you're still experiencing the same issue, please contact our technical support team for this to be escalated. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. We would also appreciate it if you can keep us posted on this. 

Tried all that… Still no Sonos radio and no IHeartRadio.  I’m thinking I should quit my job and devote myself full time to getting my overpriced audio equipment to work properly… Maybe Sonos will hire me to NOT solve issues customers have.?.?  I’ll have to chalk it up to a mistake.  Should’ve bought something else.