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  • 24 January 2020
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How do i remove products i have sold from My Sonos?

I have sold my Connect Amp and my Play 5 1.gen, but they are still on My Sonos.

2 replies

Usually, if you factory reset them when you sold them, the process of the new user adding them to their account should have removed them from yours. 

There appears to have been an error in this process, and I imagine now that Sonos is aware, they’re trying to figure out how to fix the issue. 

For now, your best bet would be to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it, as there doesn’t yet seem to be an automated way to deal with it. 

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7. 

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@Milletino Sorry for the slow reply to your Sonos Community question. As Bruce points out, if you had done a factory reset of your Sonos products before being sold they would have been removed from your household ID and not show up as assigned assets to your account. When the person who purchased them from you sets them up and registers the products to their account it should leave your assigned asset page.  Lastly, in case that person has not done those steps yet you can use this link to setup a new email/password account for Sonos. You can then use link to manage your Sonos account and swap ownership of your currently assigned products on your wifi network to the new email/password and not see the products that you have sold and no longer have access to on your account.