Sonos Playbase + Play:1 Sound Delay With LG OLED

  • 26 July 2019
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Hi Sonos,

i am the recent owner owner of a new LG OLED TV sand Sonos speaker system set-up, as of about a month. Shortly after owning these items, I noticed sound delay when watching shows/movies (sounds I stop late - cannot speed it up).

I am well aware that this topic has been an issue for quite some time, however I have not seen any answers to my specific question, so I figured I would ask.

My AV set-up, as mentioned, is currently an LG OLEDC955PUA, a Sonos Playbase, and two Play:1s. My sources currently are a 1st Gen PS4 and Amazon Firestick 4K. Currently, my Playbase is wired to the TV through a high quality optical cable, the Firestick is plugged directly into the TV HDMI port, along with the PS4 being plugged directly into the TV HDMI port as well. I have been reading through the 15-page thread where everybody with this issue is sharing their thoughts, and I ended up purchasing this: . However, I realized after receiving the package that their was no optical out cable, so I will likely return it.

So, for a long-winded question, I do not mind purchasing outside equipment to work around this issue as it is extremely frustrated, and I would rather it solved than not. Based on my set-up, is there any outside hardware that I could use with my Playbase and sources to get rid of any audio delay?

Thanks for the help guys!

1 reply

There are many posts with solutions that you may want to employ, in the Home Theater section of this forum.