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Could anyone answer this, if you have the Sonos one can you ask it to play music on a play 5 for example, I have set up the Sonos skill in Alexa , I suppose my question does Alexa on Sonos one control only that Sonos one or can you ask it to play music on a different not Sonos one device

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You have to tell Alexa which Room to play in. Though I guess Alexa in a Sonos:1 may assume if you don't specify room then to play in the room in which that unit is in
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Thanks Stuart, I was hoping that was the answer
Think of the SONOS ONE as if it was just like the PLAY 1 but also with a Amazon Echo Dot attached to it. MIx those two together and you get a SONOS ONE.
will sonos one work with my existing sonos system? for example, when I ask sonos one to play music will the other sonos speakers play the requested music?
Yes, it will work with your other devices. For all practical purposes, it's just another Sonos speaker.
@airgetlam, that's not quite the question. Try this ...
I have a Sonos One called 'kitchen' and a Play:1 called 'lounge'. Can I ask Alexa to play something on the play:1 ?
no because the response is no device found with that name, even though its listed in alexa app??
@rtyeee ... to answer my own question ... yes, if you have a Sonos One you can ask Alexa to play music on a play:1 that does not itself have Alexa. After linking your Sonos and Alexa accounts, and then asking alexa to 'discover devices' ALL of your Sonos devices appear as Alexa smart home devices.
she says, couldn't find any smart home devices


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