Sonos Home Theater Sound Level Setup

  • 30 June 2020
  • 3 replies

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I have a Beam and 2 of One SL's and setup for 5.1 surround. To maximise setup I have Trueplayed several times to ensure best sound is achieved whilst running in.

The reason for this thread is to see if others would like to see the inclusion on Sonos settings a manual sound level set up as per regular A/V setup procedures.

I find my rear right channel is quieter than the left to a point I barely hear anything during films when setup using Trueplay. With Trueplay turned off and setup based on distance I get better sound level from the right, but slightly more than the left. Can't win.


I would like to see manual sound level setup using my sound level meter like I use to use with my Arcam A/V amp.


Any input from Sonos would be good on this topic to see if they might think of it.



3 replies

It would be different for every room, depending on where the speakers are, the size of the room, and what kind of wall/ceiling/floor coverings there are. That’s pretty much the reason for TruePlay, which adjusts what it can, to a baseline sound.

But the simple fact is, without creating a completely un-navigatable series of sliders and other UI elements for people to get lost in, what you’re looking for is unlikely to occur within the Sonos environment. Sonos is geared for easy setup, moreso than infinite adjustability. You shouldn’t perceive it as high end audiophile type gear, but solid and excellent middle of the road, accessible to everyone, gear. 

I use TruePlay in some rooms, because I have an iOS device. After using it, I then use the Sonos controls to tailor it more towards what I like, and not what some engineer, sound or otherwise, thinks is appropriate. It’s my ears that need to be satisfied, not theirs. And in some rooms, I never bother to use TruePlay. To me, it isn’t a significant game changer, unless I have placed the speaker in a poor location. In most cases, I am unable to hear a difference between the ‘TruePlay’d room and with it off. Maybe because I know how to place speakers, I don’t know. But knowing that half the users out there don’t have access to it, since it is only available on iOS devices, I’m kind of glad it isn’t a situation where it is night and day difference. That would be extraordinarily unfair to a large number of users.

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Thank you for your response Airgetlam


I've had Sonos products since the 1st gen Play:5 and appreciate the simplicity of the ecosystem and the sound production of the kit. I'm not an audiophile in the stereotypical sense. I'm a music lover first (movies 2nd) kind of person.

I have done a lot of research and feel that Trueplay is not always required for every setup and I am pretty good with speaker positioning like you. But unfortunately having a wife and young kids doesn't allow for idealistic setup for my 5.1 setup.

With Sonos home theater, Trueplay does more than adjust to poor placement of speakers and balances the sound stage to centre it around the prime seating position (my seat on the sofa), which is the first part of the Trueplay process. This sets the rears accordingly with a slider in the menu to boost the rears as one.

Simplys separating this for rear left and right would solve my issue. But having an option during setup for those who have experienced sound level setup could opt to undergo this during initial setup. Once set I never in the past altered the sound levels.


my last dedicated A/V system was a 7.1 with 120wpc. My lounge use to look like a hifi store which the wife did not like and I parted ways and slowly got the Sonos kit I have now in its place. I still have a dedicated hifi for music.

Understood. Just wanted to explain why, at least from my perspective, your request for additional interface opportunities are unlikely to be met. But that doesn’t diminish your request in any way. Just didn’t want you turning blue from holding your breath.