Sonos controller update failing to install

  • 10 February 2019
  • 6 replies

Hey! The Sonos controller won't allow me to pass an update screen but when I try to run the update it says "An exception occured during a WebClient request." I reset the controller but it didn't help and can't find another avenue through which to download the Sonos controller installer. What should I do?

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6 replies

Reboot your computer, temporarily disable your antivirus and antimalware and try installing again.
What device is it? Did you perhaps try uninstalling the controller software completely and then download a fresh updated install?
I would also reboot the device after removal of the controller and before downloading/installing the latest App.
See also the system requirements for this latest update:

Sonos System Requirements
Did many things: To get PC with Windows 10 to load update.
Seems there is more than 1 magic step...

1. Followed steps by MikeV - Tried to update controller...Nothing.
2. Restarted computer. Tried to update controller...Nothing.
3. Unplugged each sonos devices, reset modem, and reconnected modem, replugged sonos devices. Tried to update controller...Nothing.
4. Restarted computer. Tried to update controller...Nothing.
5. Reset Controller in Sonos app. Tried to update controller...Nothing.
6. a.) htps://
7.) Tried to update controller...Bingo!
8.) Turned antivirus and antimalware back on. Too much time.

It was the very first suggestion in this thread from BCM. See his post above.

For any App installation that is seeking to access the local network and fails to install, the temporary disablement of the local firewall is perhaps one of the first things to consider.

I’ve seen cases where users unknowingly have more than one software firewall installed on their PC and that is sometimes quite problematic to resolve when the user is adamant they have already disabled their computer firewall.

It’s all a 'learning curve' sometimes.?