Sonos Connect to Mac , for Computer Speaker?

  • 18 August 2018
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Hoping to see if there is an option for connecting Mac Tower -> Sonos Connect -> Play 5 for computer speaker sound.

-Would it work to get a Sonos Connect, and then run a type of audio cable from the back of my Tower into the Sonos Connect, which would then be able to play it through the Sonos Play 5?

-Would you guys know what type of cable would be needed for Mac Tower->Sonos Connect if that would work? Would there be delay from Youtube/Netflix for video to sound?

Thanks very much.

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4 replies

Ignore the CONNECT, wire a headphone cable from your Mac directly to the line in jack on the PLAY:5, and understand that any analog line in to the Sonos ecosystem comes with a 70 ms minimum delay. There’s a real reason why Sonos is not sold/advertised as a computer speaker.
Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, theoretically in this scenario I meant to say the PLAY:5 would have a connected line-in vinyl player all the time and hoped to not have to change out the line-in physically each time (I know).

Would something with the CONNECT and Mac tower for computer speaker work?
Ah, then you'd want a headphone to RCA cable, and use the line-in on the CONNECT. That way, you could have the turntable on the line in on the PLAY:5, and the computer on the line-in on the CONNECT. But my warnings about delay stand, for both line-ins. For instance, game playing or movie watching probably wouldn't be all that great (although if you can live with the 70ms delay, it's a personal thing) but doable. Then you'd just be selecting between the two line ins on your Sonos system.
Thank you