Sonos Beam with ps4 and projector

  • 20 November 2020
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I have a ps4 with 1 optical out and 1 hdmi out, I’ve purchased projector and I still want my sound to come from the front Sonos Beam and send surround to the 2 Sonos ones, however the room the projector is in is a loft space with one wall slanted so the projector screen has to drop from ceiling across a large doorway. So I can't have the ps4 and av unit screen the same side as the screen.The playstation and projector are situated next to the sofa from where we view the screen and the beam is attached at the front above the screen on the ceiling.

I can only see 2 options first is the cheapest but ugly…..a very long HDMI from ps4 to beam to get the surround sound to the front also id need 15meters and worried about quality at that distance or does sound not get effected in hdmi?

Or secondly I was thinking is it possible to HDMI split from the back of the playstation to projector a Sonos amp and then send the surround sound from amp to the beam, and if so will this hold up the surround sound feature.

or any other suggestions would be welcome.









3 replies

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Hi @robshizz, Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the community. About your question on connecting a projector to your Sonos system plus a PS4, projectors are not a recommended setup on Sonos, as it may or may not work properly with Sonos, but some users can have it working on their end. both the options that you gave are possible, but we can’t assure that it will work properly in the long run. hence, we can wait for recommendations and feedback from other Sonos community users who are using projectors about their experience connecting it to their Sonos system.

Let us know what you have in mind with the advice above.

The Sonos community is always here to help.

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To use a Beam with HDMI you need an HDMI-ARC connection. Neither the PS4 nor (supposedly) the projector wil have such connection. So for sound you will need to feed the Beam via optical and for images your projector via HDMI. That would mean two cables running from the PS4 to the Beam and projector, unless there’s a possibility to splice off an optical signal from an HDMI cable near the projector/TV.

You proposed route with an Amp will not work, because the Beam is meant to be teh center of a Sonos set up. You can connect an Amp to a Beam, but then the Beam has to send (surround only) info to the Amp. For as far as I know this will not work the other way round.


I can confirm the Beam has no issues with LG projector using HDMI Arc and outputting Dolby via PS4. The PS4 connects into the projector and the projector connects to the Beam via HDMI Arc:


Only issue is I have the Beam placed behind and Ones placed in front at the side of the projector screen which is a reverse setup, hopefully Sonos can do something in these types of setups - I have mentioned this here: