Sonos Beam+Samsung Anynet+ not working

need to setup Sonos Beam to work with my Samsung smart TV to allow Beam to control my TV. I went to my Samsung Smart TV, connected Sonos Beam, Chose Anynet+ and asked to discover new devices. The TV found Sonos Beam, but when open the device list to choose one to be enabled by Anynet+, Sonos Beam is not in the device list. I did the same with Fire tv and I selected fire tv in the device list. I unplugged Sonos beam, turned off the TV and started from the beginning. Same result - Sonos beam is not in the device list of Anynet+ after it discovered devices. Any help?

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Try unplugging the TV for a minute, then plugging it back in. Turning the TV off doesn't actually reset anything on CEC/ARC, it has to be powered off by cutting the source of electricity. worked. Been struggling for hours to stop my Samsung red led from flashing on shutdown. Should be a constant red.


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