Sonos Arc Ceiling.

  • 15 September 2020
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I’m thinking about to buy a sonos arc for my living room, but my ceiling isn't straight. So im wondering if dolby atmos will work properly.

My ceiling is something like this:

Do you thing that dolby atmos will work?

1 reply

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Hi @casadamouta, Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. About your question about the Sonos Arc and your ceiling. If the Sonos Arc is in a room that has vaulted or non-flat ceilings, it is recommended to tune the speaker using enhanced Trueplay on a compatible iOS device. This will calibrate the room accordingly to support the vertical channels.

Sonos Arc was designed to be used with a conventional flat ceiling, with enhanced Trueplay to tailor the vertical channels for rooms that have uneven ceilings. Arc will still create immersive, cinema-quality sound in any room, however, enhanced Trueplay will bring a customized listening experience to your home.

Let me know your thoughts with the advice above.

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