• 16 April 2019
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I am looking at buying the new Sonos AMP for my lounge, with the Sub and a pair of Bose 791 speakers. However, I need to understand how the ARC works. I want the options of having the TV sound, Sky, PS4 coming out of my speakers when I want it, but the rest of the time, I just want it to use the speakers built into the TV. Is this selectable or if I use the ARC, does the sound always need to come through the Sonos AMP?

2 replies

I have a similar setup, and wondered the same thing. It's inconvenient. You can change the TV audio out setting from ARC (or whatever it's called - LG call it Simplink) to internal speakers and back, but that's a pain. There's no setting on the amp that will help. I now use the external speakers for everything and it's brilliant and simple. It just works. Play music through the Amp, or turn the TV on and it automatically plays that. Any app on the TV also works, and any HDMI-connected device such as PS4 or Bluray player just works too. And all the sound coming through the TV can be in Dolby 5.1 if the source material is in that format. Some Bluray players even convert sound from whatever format to DD5.1. So if you add two Play Ones or similar, you can have a surround sound setup too.

Cheers, Peter.
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Hi JRHolloway

HDMI-ARC is not selectable (nor is the optical to HDMI option). You can remove the HDMI-ARC cable to disengage sound via the Sonos Amp to your speakers; but that IMO defeats the purpose of using HDMI-ARC with your TV. Also, you can go into your TV's menu to disengage it. Anything connected to your TV will be heard through the Sonos Amp.

Just to be clear there is no such thing as an HDMI-ARC cable. So don't go shopping for a cable labeled as HDMI-ARC. HDMI cables have specifications the latest of which is HDMI 2.0 and recently approved HDMI 2.1. In fact HDMI-ARC was introduced under specification 1.4. You'll find both of the former available in stores and on-line.

If you will...might you tell us why you would want to disengage sound from your Bose 791 speakers and revert back to the ones built into your TV:?

You also asked to understand how HDMI-ARC works. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. When two devices are ARC compatible they can actually communicate with each other. The Sonos Beam which is HDMI-ARC capable can actually be commanded (via Alexa voice) to turn your TV on/off and also switch inputs.* Other manufactures may employ HDMI-ARC to work with there TV and another component under their brand.

* Depending upon the TV manufacturer all HDMI-ARC features capable by the Beam may not function. Here's an article that speaks to the implementations of ARC (or the hit/miss implementation) of the feature by TV manufacturers:



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