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  • 29 August 2020
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I'm looking for a WiFi speaker that would stream ANY sound coming from my laptop, not just a specific app. Meaning, whatever I'm watching or listening to at any given moment, I'd like it to stream directly to the speaker (same like with Bluetooth). Will the Sonos 5 give me this experience?



4 replies

Hi.  No. Sonos makes multiroom, networked hifi systems, designed to play music files and streams.  However, you could buy a Bluetooth receiver and connect it to the Five’s line in.

Or you could buy a Sonos Move instead.

Otherwise, buy a Bluetooth speaker.

Thanks for your reply:)

Let me get this straight, Sonos doesn’t have a speaker that can stream ANYTHING I listen to via WiFi? I’d have to use a Bluetooth device instead?


As I said, Sonos makes multiroom HiFi systems. It isn’t obliged to compete in the single Bluetooth speaker market.  A Ferrari doesn’t perform well off-road.  It does what it is designed to do, brilliantly.

You asked only about the Five.  Sonos makes the Move speaker, which can be networked or used as a dumb standalone BT speaker.

I should also mention that if you did use a BT receiver on a Five there would be a small audio lag (about 70ms).  The Five is Airplay 2 compatible, if your laptop is a Mac (but i guess it isn’t, or you would have said so).

I hope that helps.

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The Five does have a Line-in connection, and you could use a Bluetooth receiver and stream anything from your PC into it, or the Move has Bluetooth if it’s not in wifi mode. 

As John B says, Sonos is intended more for multi-room sync’d music than what you appear to want from a single speaker.