sonas not working

  • 13 October 2019
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Hi all

have had sonas for couple of years and was working well. Recently though over the last few months when u played a song it skipped to the next song before finishing the previous one. Now the songs from iPhone don’t seem to be able to be played at all. Radio stations can still be played through sonas fine from iPhone but just no songs. I am thinking of subscribing to music service now eg Spotify but am not sure if this would be any better . Have deleted and reloaded the app but no good

Any advice appreciated


1 reply

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The ability to play music stored on an iPhone or iPad withdrawn a few months ago due to a change made by Apple that caused the skipping. All subscription services work fine including Apple Music and Spotify or you can store music on your PC or network storage device.
Also if you have a recent Sonos speaker that has airplay 2 support built in. So there are quite a few options.