SmartThings --> Door Open --> Notify Happens --> Music starts playing

I know this is more of a SmartThings question, which I have posted in their forum, but wanted a bigger audience, so posting here also.

Using Speaker Companion SmartApp in SmartThings to say: When contact opens/closes then play notification sound, also have the "Resume currently playing music after notification" enabled.

Two scenarios going on here....
1) Music is playing, someone opens the front door. As expected, music pauses, notification sound plays, then music resumes. Perfect!

2) Music NOT playing, someone opens the front door. As expected, notification plays.... but then the music queues up from whatever was previously being played.

Wondering if anyone has done something like this and is experiencing the same behavior?

2 replies

I'm hitting this too. It's really disconcerting, have you found any smartthings threads about this?
saw your reply on the ST forum also.... think the only course of action is contacting ST support and crossing fingers they will listen and maybe even submit a ticket for the issue. because ST isn't support motivated with sonos products there is a chance they will do nothing faster than a snail's pace to correct/update it.


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