Setting up Home Theatre with a McIntosh amp

  • 30 November 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello to everyone.

a question please I am new in Sonos.

I have a Mcintosh amp (2 channels) that drive two B&W speakers.

is that possible to use a PORT to drive it as front speakers in Hometheatre setup with a center speaker (like a beam for voice) and two sonos one as rear?

thanks for help.

3 replies

No, PORT will not decode the surround. BEAM can decode surround, but there is no way to export front L/R.

You could use PORT as a two channel music input to the McIntosh.

It seems to be a software limitation. Why Sonos don’t allow to assign L and R to another device like PORT or Sonos one?

and… why PORT cannot be used as front and Sonos AMP yes?

it is a very big limitation. I bought two Sonos one in Black Friday for use them as rear and I had intention to buy also PORT or beam but probably I will return the ones.

no other possibility to use my very good McIntosh and b&w with Sonos in 5.1 ?


In addition to a lack of surround decoding, you would soon discover that there is a latency in PORT between analog input and analog and digital output from PORT. While this latency provides excellent stability and time alignment between rooms, it will frustrate attempts to synchronize front and surround activity. Depending on your video components, there may or may not be any additional lip sync issues.