Removing room in app

  • 30 January 2019
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For some reason I have 2 rooms showing in the Room Settings. How do I delete one within the app? When we have to reconnect our :one units because they get disconnected in the app, it's creating a new room.

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51 replies

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Again....How do you delete a "room" from our Sonos app, so my Sonos Speakers all get their audio from one "Room" and not two "rooms". Again for the 10th time. How do we delete a room from our Sonos App???
It is definitely a wind up.
There's only one room that was setup. We grouped our Playbase and 2 Sonos Ones. When the Ones lose connection, which happens once a month or so and we have to regroup them, that is when all of a sudden we have TV Room2 added as an additional setup.
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It sounds like the devices are becoming unbonded from the Playbase when that happens. When it happens again, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. Many thanks in advance.
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This is a Gong Show! Will someone please just list an answer on how to delete a room in Sonos.
This is a Gong Show! Will someone please just list an answer on how to delete a room in Sonos.
Kindly stop posting the same question across multiple threads. It's considered to be bad manners.

I tried to answer on another thread but it's not clear what on earth you're trying to achieve. To 'remove a room' turn it off at the wall. To permanently remove it, factory reset the device. To rename a room just go into room settings and give it a new name.

If what you want is to add speakers as surrounds to a Beam, well, simply use the Add Surrounds option for the Beam.
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Been there done that and it does NOT work! Thx for the reply, but as you can see by all the posts this continues to be an issue for all. Thx and will try again
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I am just a paying customer who cannot properly use the product I purchased. Hopefully I can get my problem solved via the phone on Monday. Sorry folks like you are attacking us paying customers that have issues with no answers from Sonos or those on this forum. Sad, Sad, very sad. :--(
The Gong Show continues :--((. Tried all Ratty said to do and still one Sonos Play 1 in on Room 1 and the Other Sonos Play 1 in on Room 2...They can't possibly be, if you factory reset them and added them back to the system. They would have gone into whatever rooms you yourself specifically nominated, or been subsumed into the Beam's room if you added them as surrounds. (What is this "gong" stuff anyway?)

Beam is off and will not turn on until I get both Sonos Play 1's working together.What, you won't turn it on? In that case you didn't follow the instructions, which included "Power the Beam on again". If you're saying the Beam itself won't turn on even when you apply power then there's something going seriously wrong.

First there a difference between "Sonos Ones" and Sonos Play 1?There is, but for the sake of this exercise they're equivalent. (If they're Play:1s, not Ones, that's my error. Ignore it.)

Still would like to go back to my original question how do you delete a "Room"Follow the instructions you've already been given.
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p.s. I still have two room setting on my apps and not sure how to delete one and/or select "primary room" for all the speakers to stream audio too. Still very, very annoying.
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Please know all was working perfectly two days ago!

Now, I cannot add the Beam as a speaker. Did the power on/off thing then hit the button in the back and was told to wait for a chime and the chime never came.


How do I know what room the Beam is playing too. and what "room" the Sonos 1's are plating too. Continue to have "two rooms" on my IOS Sonos app.

Yup I appreciate your help, and hope the Sonos folks know about these issues and also know the great help you are giving us.
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JB, thx...Again, but my original question has NOT been answered. This question pops up everywhere on Google and in the Sonos Forums.

"How can we delete a "room" in the Sonos App(s)."

Might be easy for you and Ratty be so quick with your answers, but a system that worked "Awesome" now is a Gong Show, with no answers.

I have bee trying everything suggested, but Sonos speakers still do not work properly or together, like they did three days ago.

I have been able to "finally" get my two Sonos Play 1's working together, just now cannot get the Sonos 1's working with the Beam.

Hopefully I will get some answers for: "How can we delete a "room" in the Sonos App(s)."

Very, very sad to be looking at (& not hearing) my almost $1000 of Sonos products.

Thx Much
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Smilja, TY and here you go. I still have two rooms on my app and three sonos speakers (Beam & 2 Sonos Play 1's) that do not sync with each other.
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No it has NOT. I still have two rooms on all my apps.

I give up too.

Never liked forums as they become a pissing contest between those that need help and those that try to give help.

I am very grateful for your help.

Happy St. Pat's
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Thx Much KG,

Not a great St. Patrick's Day today. My Irish luck is gone!

Will be calling Sonos tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot believe Sonos has given two "different" Sonos speaker two "Similar" names. "Sonos One" and "Sonos Play 1"

I have two Sonos Play 1's and one Beam, that worked perfectly till two days ago and have tried all suggestions by all at least three times each.

I still see two "Family Rooms" on my apps and as you can see by Google search there are thousands (138,000) who have the same question.

Time for a St. Pat's Pint. Thx to you and all for your help and suggestions

My guess here is that @mcdonakd44 has created a room called 'Family Room' with the Beam initially... and then switched it off. Then has created a stereo pair, also called 'Family Room', perhaps without closing and/or refreshing the SonosApp.

If @mcdonald44 follows @ratty's instructions, his problem will be completely resolved, but can I suggest that he assigns entirely different names to his Sonos One devices to begin with, for example try setting them up initially as 'Surround 1' and 'Surround 2', or any names except 'Family Room' before he then bonds both of the speakers to the Beam. The result will be he will end up with one Sonos Room called 'Family Room' in his Sonos controller app.
Maybe the whole thing is a wind up. It's looking like the only possible explanation.
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Thx Much KG, will give these a try. Appreciate it.

Sort of tough doing all this while trying to watch/listen to NASCAR (the reason I bought Sonos), NCAA Bball and Golf.

Appreciate help


1. Power off ALL Sonos devices.
2. Power on your Beam, now called 'Family Room'
3. Fully close (slide off screen) and then reopen Sonos App to see just the one speaker only
4. If (and only if) you see your Sonos Beam in the Sonos App, then continue with the following steps.
5. Factory reset your first Sonos One/Play-1 Speaker and then in the App Settings choose “Add Speaker or Sub” and set the device up naming it “Surround-1”
6. Factory reset your second Sonos One/Play-1 Speaker and then in the App Settings once again choose “Add Speaker or Sub” and set the device up naming it “Surround-2”
7. Now you need to bond your devices together into one Home Theatre setup.,, Goto the Sonos App “Settings/Rooms Settings/Family Room”... and choose the option to Add Surrounds and follow the onscreen instructions to add both Surround-1 & Surround-2 to your “Family Room”.

On completion you should end up with just one Sonos Room called “Family Room”.

Hope that resolves your issues. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you.☘️
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JB nd all,

Just got off the phone with a person from Sonos and happy to say all is good.

Thx to all in the forum for trying to help.
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Hi, TyJ. I'm not quite sure I understand. The app. only ever shows the number of devices present on the system, and this includes the room settings. How many devices / rooms do you have?
An issue for all? Hardly.

I still don't know what it is you're trying to achieve: whether it's to get rid of a 'room' from the controller or merely to bond some speakers in a surround setup.
It still isn't clear exactly what your problem is. Here the story appeared to involve surround speakers for a Beam, for which answers were offered.
For the 10th time you are asking a completely meaningless question. There is no means to 'delete a room in the app' because there is never a need to do so. You need to accept that you have misunderstood something fundamental and then we might be able to help. Please state exactly what speakers you have, where they are physically located and how you want them to behave.

In your current setup, what are the two rooms called. If you play to one of those rooms, which speaker plays? And what about the other room?
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Let me try this again.

All in one small room I have:

Sonos Beam under the TV
Sonos 1 on one end table 8' away
Sonos 1 on the other end table 8' away

All worked perfectly until yesterday, when for some reason the Sonos 1's were not connected to the Beam with only the Beam playing audio

In my attempts to re-connect the Sonos 1's to the Beam, I mistakenly added another Room. Now one of the Sono 1's plays to "Room 1" while the Beam and the other Sonos 1, plays to "Room 2"

I have:
Disconnected the router/wifi for a few minutes
Have turn Beam and both Sonos 1's off for a few minutes
Tried using the IOS Sonos app to try to reconnect

Used the iPhone APP to try to re-connect and still not right.
So the Ones were surrounds, as suspected. I'm not sure how the system's been left with just one surround speaker, but the following should resolve things:
- Power the Beam off.
- Factory reset both Ones. See
- Power the Beam on again.
- Use 'Add Surrounds' in the Beam room settings.
I agree with @ratty. Possibly you have 'grouped' the Beam and one of the Sonos Ones, but the factory reset of the Ones should sort that out if so. Do NOT reset the Beam - just follow @ratty's guidance exactly and it should resolve. The surrounds will be subsumed into the Beam 'room' and only one room will appear in your controller.

Unless..... there is some fault on one of the speakers that prevents it playing ball. It is just possible that whatever caused them to separate is preventing your getting them back together again. But let's cross that bridge if we come to it.

The problem you faced was not to delete a room, but to get all your speakers to appear and function as a single entity, i.e. 'room'.