Re-install Sonos Controller app on MacBook Pro

I replaced my MacBook Pro mechanical hard disk with a SSD drive. How do I re-installs the Sonos app? I'm running High Sierra. My iPhone and iPad app work fine but want to also run Sonos from my MacBook Pro. Any tips, tricks or traps I should know about? I did some searching and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Download here:
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I've posted the download link for the current macOS Sonos app, but it's been flagged for moderator review and hence delayed. (The moderation filter is too stupid even to realise when a link is something within the Sonos domain. Sigh.)
Thanks Prodigy III. I only just found the link to download the MAC Sonos Controller app, downloaded it and got it running. But I appreciated your prompt reply. Thanks again!