Playback Issue: Takes more than 30 seconds to play a song in all 15 speakers

  • 5 August 2020
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When I play a song from the queue it takes more than 30 seconds to come out in all my 15 speakers. Even in paired speakers, the sound comes first in one and then the other one after 30 seconds.  It has been an issue for several months already. Is there a solution for this?

7 replies

That sure sounds like there are issues with your speakers talking to each other, rather than directly to the router. What kind of network are you running? Is this system running a wired setup (SonosNet), os standard (connected to your Wi-Fi signal)?

Other questions: S1 or S2? What is the source of music? Have you submitted a diagnostic and spoken to Sonos?

Hello Bruce,

All the speakers are connected to my Wi-Fi network. I am using S2 but the issue started with the previous version of the Sonos controller. The issue happens when playing Apple Music for the most part but also with Amazon Music, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. No issues with Pandora, Sonos Radio, Mixcloud, SiriusXM, Tuneln. I haven’t summited a diagnostic regarding this issue and I haven’t spoken with Sonos either. I did notify them but never heard back from them.



With that many speakers you really ought to be running in SonosNet mode, with one of your speakers, or a Boost, connected to your router by Ethernet.  In Settings, System, Network, Wireless Setup, remove your WiFii SSID and password from your Sonos system.

Having done so you may need to give the system a minute or two to reconfigure, and possibly power cycle your speakers.

I switched to SonosNet mode (wired connection) but the issue still remains. 

Then I’d post a new diagnostic number here in the forums, and hope that a moderator can take the time to look at it. 

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Have you looked at your Network Matrix now that you are on SonosNet? It can provide insights to your local RF environment that may help.

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