Play Prior Content on SiriusXM with Sonos app, similar to SiriusXM app on an iPad.

  • 6 December 2019
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Using SiriusXM app on an iPhone, iPad or iMac, a listener can go ‘backwards’ 3 to 4 hours to enjoy prior content. For instance, on MetOpera Channel 75 on an iPad, one can listen to a previous opera even though you just signed on and have not played anything yet. Same procedure on Brand ‘G’ internet radio - one can choose one of 3 prior operas and play it from the beginning ( feature is called “Start Now”).

I know that I can use my iPad with SiriusXM app and then AirPlay to my Sonos Port so that I can listen to prior content from the SiriusXM server. I would, however, prefer to just use the Sonos app to do this directly.

Am I missing how to do this on the Sonos app or is this feature not available? If not available, please add this function. Thanks.





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