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Is it possible to stream the music playing on the CD drive of my laptop to my Sonos Play 5?

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Well, yes and no.

To stream directly to the speaker, you'd need to 1) have turned on the line-in capability while your speaker was connected to your router, and 2) connect a cable between the headphone jack on the computer, and the line in jack on the back of the PLAY:5.

Note that there would be a slight delay of the signal as it gets processed in the PLAY:5, if you were to be listening on other non-Sonos speakers at the same time, they'd be out of sync.

Sonos really isn't designed to be a computer speaker, but I occasionally have done this, especially with TuneIn premium and baseball games. These days, though, I tend to just use AirPlay 2 to get the signal to my PLAY:5 gen 2.
So if I understand your response Bruce, I cannot stream the music from my laptop CD player to my Sonos Play 5? I can only do it by running a cord from my laptop to the Sonos speaker?
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What “streaming” options does the laptop offer?
What I mean by "streaming" is wireless. My question is: Can I play a CD in my laptop CD drive and stream wirelessly the music to my Sonos Play 5 speaker?
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I don’t know if you could use the My Music Library feature, and use the CD’s address as the “folder” ? But if so you’d need to “update” it every time you changed the CD.

Otherwise, the options I can think of are either a physical connector to the 5’s line in, as already suggested, or a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the PC and a receiver plugged into the 5.
Better to use Sonos the way it is designed to work - playing music from a rip of the CD to the hard disc of the laptop.
Right. The Sonos is designed to stream the data from a ripped CD, not to play a CD itself.

If you use some program to rip the CD to your hard drive, Sonos is designed to point at that location, and play any of the music that is stored there. That way, you don't have to worry about changing CDs, you can rip all the ones you want, and the Sonos would be able to see them.

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I agree - far better to rip the CDs and use them as the music library. I was trying to answer the original question.
Yea, I know, like I did, too. :)

But we started deviating from the original question to talk about Sonos is designed to work.
Thanks everyone for the quick and thorough responses! I'm an old guy who struggles to keep up with all the new technology and it's capabilities.
Never too late to learn and keep the brain alert via exercise. Try the "ripping a CD and playing via Sonos" as a good workout- there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow if you succeed!
The new tech also serves up nonsense like Facebook and Twitter that is well left alone. IMO.