Play:1 will not connect

  • 17 March 2019
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I have two new Play:1 that I bought. One was able to connect wireless but the other will not. I get to the point where it is connecting after I push the play/pause and volume button together. After this it fails to connect. I have also tried this with a wired connection. I already have the playbar, sub, one connect amp and the other play:1 that I bought. I tried resetting everything, deleting my sonos completely but no luck, in fact I have another connect amp that will not connect now.

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7 replies

This is the diagnostic number for my sub that will not connect now. Seems to be showing up in my network and a solid white light but fails to connect. 619244305
Since it's the weekend, you're unlikely to get a response from one of the forum moderators. And also, as I don't have access to see the diagnostic (but kudos for submitting it!), I'm going to hazard a guess that there's something going on with your router handing out IP addresses. Have you tried rebooting your router?

I'm really hoping that when you say "resetting" you don't mean a factory reset, as that erases all information that will help Sonos determine what's going on from the diagnostic data.
I have tried rebooting my router. I can get my playbar, one connect amp and one play one connected. I have reset some of my sonos as it said online if it was not connecting and showing a solid white light, they recommend factory reset.
Who is "they"?
It was a sonos tech that said that on another question.
Resetting your Sonos is most frequently a bad way to deal with any issue, unless specifically recommended to you by a Sonos tech. What it does is erase any information on the speaker which might help Sonos help you. While your symptoms may have been similar to the symptoms someone else was experiencing, there's absolutely no guaranty that the cause was the same. I can only hope that there's still information in the diagnostic you submitted for them to be able to get some inkling as to the cause of the issue you're experiencing. I'll keep my eye on this thread to see what they can find out from what you've submitted.
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If you don't want to wait until Monday the Sonos support on twitter is available 24x7 and they can see your diagnostic.