Pairing a Beam and Play 1

I just bought a Beam and a Play 1 and I was told I could synch them but when I try to set it up it says I need another Play 1 to set up surround. I just want to pair the Beam with the one Play 1, is that possible?

Best answer by Airgetlam 18 August 2018, 17:21

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I think you're running in to the terminology barrier. You can "group" the two rooms so that they play the same content. You can "bond" a pair of like Sonos speakers to be surround speakers with a Beam, or your can "pair" a set of like Sonos speakers to play in stereo, so one is the left, the other is the right.

But in order to have surround speakers, you must have 2 like speakers (PLAY:1s or Sonos Ones are my recommendation).

You can't set up a single speaker as a surround speaker.
Thanks so I think i need to group the 2 rooms to play the same content. How do I do that?
Got it, thanks!


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