Over-riding previous master controller

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I have a new Mac and want to use that as the Master Controller, have previously had it on a work laptop. I also have the app. on my phone. I have uninstalled Sonos from work laptop. Can only seem to download an 'App' to new laptop, doesn't say it's 'Master'. When I try to play it says error. I unplugged my speaker and held button down whilst I unplugged and re-plugged. Feel like I am going mad....

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Hi. There is no such thing as a master controller. Any controller app should be able to connect to the existing system provided it is on the same network
Thanks for your reply John. In the past if I have ever tried to play music using the controller on my phone it will only play if the 'source' (the Mac) was turned on...
Ypu are confusing the source with the controller. They may be both on the same device but they are different entities. Of course it cannot play a music file if thr device that music is stored on is turned off.


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