Option to DISABLE Airplay or restrict access

Since recent software update and Airplay support seems anyone on same wlan as my sonos can 'takeover' the system from YouTube/iOS devices to play whatever they are listening to, whilst its great that sonos now supports Airplay, please consider an option to disable this feature or restrict access to authorised sources/controllers, My kids have found it very entertaining that they can now control my sonos system irrespective of what is playing via Airplay.

2 replies

I think this is quite a good suggestion, to switch off Airplay, as I’m sure not everyone wants to allow AirPlay across their LAN anyway. I think all the Apple devices may have the option to switch off, or protect, their beacon with a password. So I also see this as being worthy of consideration at some point in the future.
I have far too many Airplay 2 devices broadcast now on my network, so yes excellent suggestion.


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