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I’ve had my system for several years.  When it works, love it.  But it is very high maintenance and always has been.  I can never just open it up and start playing something.  When it’s not error messages due to path to music folder that breaks for no known reason, it just won’t play w/o resetting the controller, every single time.  I can’t just play music, it gets really old to go through this monkey dance every single time I want to turn it on - which is daily since I use it to help keep some of our rescue dogs calm.  Why am I forced to reset my controller every single day in order to use the app?  I tried support chat but just looping in unhelpful AI responses.  No thank you.

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Hello again - just wanted to report that all started without incident today just as you said it should.  Thank you thank you -- wish I would have known about this really simple fix long ago.  Greatly appreciate your help!!!😁

There are some pretty knowledgeable and helpful folk on here. 

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Hello again - just wanted to report that all started without incident today just as you said it should.  Thank you thank you -- wish I would have known about this really simple fix long ago.  Greatly appreciate your help!!!😁

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Many thanks jgatie, I am doing this now and had no idea that’s all that was needed.  Why in the world wouldn’t this be the first thing suggested if a customer has talked to Sonos support directly?!  If it’s this simple.  🤓   I’ll confirm that it works tomorrow - thanks again!

Yes.  Reserving DHCP Addresses will assign a permanent IP to Sonos devices, so duplicates will be prevented.

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Thank you jgatie and buzz!  No pride here just frustration.  And I had a recent call w support over this and the library path breaking fairly recently so I’m surprised the IP address issue wasn’t mentioned.  Below is what I see in my Linksys panel and in the Sonos app settings I see two unique IP’s for each of the speakers -- I just did my usual daily reset so it’s working but in terms of a permanent resolution, do you mean selecting Reserve DHCP below?  Thanks again for your help I appreciate it!



You have an older, similar thread.

First, we need more information about your system and network. Next, I suggest that you follow jgatie’s suggestions, especially the “reservation” detail after the reset. This resolves a number of very difficult to describe potential issues. Some of us have experienced vaguely similar issues, that resolved after reservations. In my case this was in 2005.

A very silly glitch could be the time required for your music library to wake up. My own W10 system requires some seconds to bring up network support after waking from standby. If I had music stored on the computer, any attempts to play that music would fail until the network support has fully restarted. I store my music on a NAS drive and this is also slow to wake. If the drive is not awake, my first attempt to play music will fail due to a timeout.

Since you seem to be an “old time” tech person, you may have used “fixed IP addresses” in the past. This is baked into the techniques routinely used in previous eras and is still used in complex systems, but is rarely required in home systems. If this applies to you, swallow your pride and check for duplicate IP addresses because reservations may not protect against this. I once had a seldom used, ancient device that required a fixed address and I forgot about it during a network reconfiguration. It ended up duplicating the NAS address and occasionally I’d have trouble with a track or two. 

Here's a link:

You can find the current IP addresses for your Sonos devices in the app under Settings > System > About My System.

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Thanks, really appreciate the help - it’s a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi WRT1200AC.

Give us yout router make and model, we can walk you through it or point you to online instructions.  It's not much harder than changing a WiFi password.

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Thanks for the replies, I have zero clue how to reserve a permanent IP address and cannot control the IP address that my ISP provides that I am aware of or that it changes.

As for power cycling, I have done all of that repeatedly -- modem, router, all computers and devices -- that’s the point of this, it’s still a persistent problem. And not that it matters, but I have not relied on any helpdesk/IT support for anything with my home network for well over a decade.  I used to work in tech and understand best practices with security, OS’s, updates, basic housekeeping for any electronic device, etc...

As for providing more substantive details, it’s the S2, kept updated, and I access it from a Win 10 OS.  My modem and router are newer than my system.  Everything is wireless.  What else is there to provide?  I’ve never had so many problems with something like I do this system.   It’s just super aggravating.🙄  

Classic symptoms of duplicate IP addresses. These will cause sporadic connections, disappearing components, etc. To solve, reboot/power cycle each of these in order:

Hubs or switches
Wired Sonos components
Wireless Sonos components
Computers, printers
Phones, tablets, all other wireless devices

Note you can prevent duplicate IP addresses by reserving a permanent IP for each Sonos unit in your router setup. See your router manual for details.

As a guess, most of those types of issues can go away if you set up reserved IP addresses for all your network devices on your router. However, you’ve not provided us any substantial information about your system other than you are dissatisfied, so it’s hard to make an informed suggestion. It could be as simple as Wi-Fi interference, or even a mesh network in which running a wired system would help. There’s several possibilities, all network related, but nothing in your post on which to make any substantive analysis.