No sound from Mac Mini

  • 29 August 2020
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I have a Mac mini (late 2012) that drives our entertainment system (TV, Sonos, etc.). We recently had a power outage and since then the headphone output on the Mac no longer supplies any sound to the Sonos. I’ve plugged headphones into the Mac and sure enough, no sound.

Is there any other way to feed Mac sound to the Sonos?

Regards, David



9 replies

Depends. What Sonos devices are you attempting to have audio come out of?


It’s a Play 5, and it delivers great sound from radio stations, etc. I have a wifi system that the Mac is connected to.



What kind of PLAY:5? There’s two generations, one with physical buttons, one with capacitive (smooth) buttons. The latter would accept an AirPlay 2 signal, the former would not. 


I have physical buttons


Then your best bet would be to get your Mac Mini repaired.


Well, rats! Thanks for your help, Bruce.


A thought: the Sonos One supports Airplay 2. If I bought one of those, could I send audio to it from the Mac mini and have it provide audio to the Play:5?

Sure. Although I suspect the cost of repairing your Mac would be less than the cost of a Sonos One. 


Got the Sonos One today. I plugged it in, tested it, grouped it with the Sonos 5 and all seemed hunky dory.

But then it stopped working. Or rather it worked sometimes and not others.

Just when I was ready to tear my hair out, I realised that when  the sound source changed, it took a while (maybe 20-30 seconds) for the grouped Sonos pair to respond.

Patience can indeed be a virtue.