Multiple TV Inputs all have the same name

  • 22 February 2021
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I have a Playbar and a Beam.  But I ALWAYS play the same thing on all my TV’s (I have 5 but use Sonos as my sound for all of them).   But if I turn on the TV with the Beam and the TV with the Playbar, the “Group” function is disrupted and I have 2 groups.  I can put them back to one group but I have to pick the source.   Unfortunately, they both say TV Input.  Why can’t I rename them or why can’t it list the room the TV Input it located?   I can see this if I look on my Mac but not from my phone.

1 reply

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Hi @John_Tx, welcome to the community.


You can stop the players from ungrouping by changing a setting on your Playbar and Beam.


Go to Settings → System → Playbar/Beam → Scroll down and toggle off Ungroup on Autoplay


This will preserve the group whenever you turn on your TV.


As for selecting which TV you want to listen to, going to the Browse (music note) screen and selecting TV should present all the options of players in that group. You will not see this option if you do not have more than 1 home theater player in that group (if only the Playbar is in the group, you’ll only be able to play TV audio from that Playbar).


Hope that helps!