multiple room set up

  • 29 June 2020
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My partner sets up music in multiple rooms. When the music stops she leaves the system in this configuration.

i the go to the lounge and switch the television on. She then asks me to degroup the other rooms because the television sound is playing. I am sure the system used to asked me if I really wanted to disconnect the tv from the group. Am I right does it no longer ask or is it because there is no music playing in the original grouping?
Clear as mud I know. Not very good at this. Basically 4 romms set up playing same music. Music stops no more is selected. I switch the tv on in one of the room. Partners says television sound now playing in all 4 rooms.
Because television is synced with sound bar via optical and sound synced it used to ask if I wanted to disconnect from group it was in. 
Am I write or has sonos changed or does it only ask if music is playing still in the original group



2 replies

Open the controller app, go to settings and select the room with the TV’ sound bar. Scroll down and make sure both TV autoplay  and ungrouped on autoplay are turned on. If they are, witch them offfor a minute, then turn them back on. 


Thanks for the info. System updated will monitor and see what happens